2 thoughts on “Therapy Today

  1. I found your article very informative and helpful. As a 45 year old that has been very perimenopausal since 42/43, I am glad that you have brought the issue of menopause and how it affects women emotionally, out into the open. It is still too much of a taboo subject and I for one, am grateful that people like yourself are working so hard to change this.
    I was also very glad that you highlighted the issue of menopause brought about earlier by stress for some women. I am one of those women and it is no joking matter. Like you said in your article, most people of my age that it happens to think we must be going mad and that it can’t possibly be to do with the menopause in the forties……but it is. I knew deep inside all along…… but I wasn’t being taken seriously. Thank you for acknowledging those of us who are in this position.

  2. I read your article, and both myself and my husband have read your book, which we have found very helpful. One observation I would like to make is the sudden onset of menopause following an ovaro-hysterectomy. This is the removal of both ovaries as well as the uterus. Prior to my ovaro-hysterectomy, I was peri-menopausal, which, although it had its problems, proceeded at a much more ‘natural’ pace. The consultant I was with warned me that once my ovaries and uterus were removed, that would be IT, the menopause would have landed, and oh boy has it. The worst thing is the night sweats and hot flushes. Nothing I do alleviates them, so I’m just thankful to get the odd decent night’s sleep when I can.

    The really hard thing is feeling that an alien took my body away in the night and left me with something I’m just not familiar with any more. I don’t have the feeling that a new life is going to open out before me, and I’m going to be wonderfully wise and mature and discover all sorts of new things to learn. I just feel lost and completely alienated from the body, that up until now was my friend. I know I’m not going mad, but somehow I’ve lost my way.

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