Living in Flux Rather Than COVID

I don’t know about you, but I am maxed out with suggestions on how to cope with lockdown and COVID-19. Yesterday, it was how to check in with my emotional and spiritual wellbeing with a Kabbalistic formulae. The day before I was offered a COVID update via a channel medium. The day before that, it was to how to ease my quarantine aches and pains, and how my brain has already made this lockdown normal. I’ve also been advised to breathe, how to eat, how to exercise, how to confront my fear of just about everything and what to do when I panic. And, resilience has become the COVID-19 word of the moment.

While I appreciate and welcome how so many people are committed to making life better for us all, I have a suspicion there’s a let’s-leap-onto-the-how-to-fix-COVID-bandwagon happening with such force that it’s in the process of breaking the back axil. Overwhelm turns people off – it certainty has for me. Therefore, I certainly don’t want to add to this mountain of information. But I believe there’s a simple truth which isn’t really being addressed.

Fundamentally, we humans have fallen out of synch with the natural rhythms of nature to
such an extent we no longer have the ability to understand that life is all about fluctuations and transitions. Every passing day is a day we will never experience again, so we live in a constant state of flux. For however long it lasts, COVID-19 is yet another state of flux within existing states of flux – and this too, will pass.

Having said this, I don’t want to dismiss the very real grief and pain that so many people are experiencing right now. But I do want to draw your attention to how we are sitting on centuries of entrenched patriarchal conditioning, which has taught us that life is all about trudging along a straight path, which has fixated us onto the concept of timelines and the fear – and even terror – of these timelines being cut short by events such as COVID-19 or, heaven forbid, running out altogether.

How different it would be if we changed this linear perception of our mortality to understanding that life is a spiral of experiences – each experience building on the last to help us to transition into a higher understanding of who we are, and, more importantly, why our evolutionary process matters.

This process of transition is not just fanciful thinking. Right at this moment an immense transition is taking place on Earth. Our planet is experiencing the final stages of its electro-magnetic North Pole’s cycle, which completes around every 25,700 years. This is creating massive shifts in our climate and to the axis of the Earth. In fact, in 2015, the Innuits, who live in the far reaches of Alaska, Canada, Siberia and Greenland, reported to NASA that the earth had shifted and this was the cause of climate change.

The completion of this immense planetary cycle beautifully coincides with the end of the what the ancient Vedic scriptures describe as the Kali Yuga. According to the Vedic texts, written between 1500 and 1000 BCE, the Earth moves in four vast 26,000 year cycles or Yugas, with each Yuga marking a transition in human consciousness. According to the texts, we are currently experiencing the death throes of the final Yuga – or Kali Yuga – in this series of four: Kali is the Hindu goddess who represents time, but in the context of our current Yuga, Kali is about discord, strife and contention. It is said we will feel Kali’s death throes most acutely between 2019 and 2025, peaking in 2022.

But there is hope. This time of discord and strife, says the texts will transition eventually into the Satay Yoga Yuga, also known as the Golden Age, where, over the following 26,000 years, we will (hopefully) learn to live in harmony and peace. Therefore, the transitions and shifts we are currently experiencing are very real. Since Earth is our home, we are all physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually experiencing her transition deep in our DNA whether we are conscious of it or not.

What’s more, quantum science is finally catching up with what indigenous tribes, mystics and spiritual teachers have spoken about for millennia, namely how the entire Universe is not only conscious, it is also in a constant state of flux, transiiton and evolution – and we humans are individual and collective expressions of the Universe’s desire for evolution.

Therefore, to my mind, during this time of upheaval on every level, each one of us is being faced with the choice to say farewell to the destructive forces of the Kali Yuga so we can welcome in the new Golden Age Yuga. But this requires a profound upgrade in the way we are able to express Love and compassionate to ourselves and to each other. Human consciousness can only evolve at the rate we are able to progress collectively.

If we could achieve a higher state worthy of a Golden Age, I believe it would fundamentally change our relationship with death. Rather than continuing to buy into death as an ending to be dreaded, we could begin to experience life as a constantly evolving spiral of consciousness. Therefore, when it’s time to shed our physical body, I believe we would be far more curious of what comes next, and even, dare I say it, welcome our transition with anticipation and possibly excitemen

Perhaps the thought of this conscious continuum is too mind blowing for some people. But for me, I feel a sense of relief and release. I also feel my resilience coming alive because it is intrinsically in tune with the fluctuating rhythms of my own life, of the human collective, of Mother Earth and the entire Universe. After all, we come from stardust.

The question is: Are there enough of us making this shift into higher consciousness to support the transitions we have to make to resonate with a Golden Age? According to esoteric teacher William Meader, the cosmic jury is out as to whether we are able to do this. If we can’t, I understand that humanity may cease to exist. Personally, I am signed up as a member of a growing number of people dedicated to help humanity transform from its current state of chaos, fear and turmoil into one of dignity and grace.

Let’s get to it!

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