Loss and Grief workshop in September

This is to let you know of the Loss and Grief workshop coming up at the AMMERDOWN RETREAT CENTRE

Leader: Sue Brayne

Saturday, 11th Sep 2021 

Starts: 10am – Ends: 4pm

Cost: £50 includes morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea.

Day Course D1921

It’s been a tough time for so many of us over the past eighteen months, and this workshop is an opportunity to come together to talk about how grief and loss have impacted our lives.

Although grief and loss are part of the human conditions, many of us struggle to cope with the profound personal and spiritual crises that arise, the mental and emotional turmoil that we experience, or how our lives will never be the same again. 

This workshop provides a safe space for anyone who wants to explore grief and loss and to understand the profound lessons they can teach us. It will also explore how feelings and emotions can become trapped in the body and discover ways to gently release them. 

BOOK NOW through the Ammerdown Centre

or call 01761 433709

The Ammerdown Centre
Ammerdown Park,

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