Thank you everyone!

I am delighted that Embracing Your Mortality is hitting the mark with so many people. It’s spread mainly through word of mouth, so I am particularly grateful to those who have passed on the link.

Series 4 is on its way (with help from the wonderful Cheryl from the Podcast Den), launching on Friday 25th March, with a truly eclectic mix of guests, all engaged in what it means to embrace their mortality so they can live more consciously for a better world.

And, here they are:


Chloe Goodchild: is the inspirational international singer, composer, innovatory educator, author, and founder of The Naked Voice, which she has taught to tens of thousands of people around the world.


Samantha Koshare Edouardes: and her partner are lovingly restoring John Lennon’s Sgt Pepper’s Gypsy Caravan into a space that will deliver stories and messages of love and peace around the world.


Megan Kelly: is a highly experienced family constellation facilitator, dedicated to helping people to heal ancestral wounds so they can heal themselves·@meghanannkelly


Mark Rendell: known as the Business Gardener is passionate about helping us to connect and integrate our way of working with nature and ecology.


Maggie La Tourelle: is the author of The Gift of Alzheimer’s, an extraordinary account of how she cared for her dying mother, now being produced as a radio play staring Juliet Stevenson.


Claire and Chris Sandys: are the creators of The Silent Why, a wonderful podcast full of hope which explores 101 different experiences of loss and grief.


Frederik Uidall: is fascinated by the possible existence of UFO and what their advanced technology can teach us, and how it can help us. He is also an avid academic researcher into Near Death Experiences.


Karen Alexander: is the renowned crop circle researcher, lecturer and artist, committed to understanding the connection between crop circles and human consciousness.

FRIDAY 20th May

Ruth McCarthy: is on a mission to help us all to develop good listening skills so we can transform our thinking, encourage engagement with each other, and transform the dull into the dynamic.

Embracing Your Mortality Series Four – back on 25th March 2022

Do join me then.

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