Sex, Meaning and the Menopause

Sex, Meaning, and the Menopause is about the lived, felt experience of what it means to reach the menopause in today’s highly sexualised and youth-obsessed society, how it affects relationships, and alters lives.

The book tackles taboos around sexual changes, looks at the grief of saying goodbye to youth and fertility, explores the deeper spiritual significance of the aging process, provides a different perspective on medical treatments and alternative approaches, and hears from men about what it’s like to live with a menopausal woman.

Most importantly, the book is not just aimed at women. It is also for husbands and partners who are generally even less prepared than their wives and girlfriends, or indeed mothers and sisters, for the physical and existential shifts that come with the menopause.

Sex, Meaning and the Menopause is available through Amazon.

“No woman should go through menopause alone and in the dark. Sex, Meaning, and the Menopause shares a wealth of information, insights, and wisdom from many sources that can empower you to experience this natural transition with grace.”

Wendy Maltz LCSW, DST, author of The Sexual Healing Journey

“Well-written and absorbing.  Sue Brayne unpacks long-standing menopause myths through her interviews with more than 80 women and men.  Sensitive to the great variety of menopausal experiences, Brayne offers important insights about how menopause can affect women’s and men’s lives in profound ways.

Professor Julie Winterich, Sociologist and feminist writer

“This book is a much needed go-between for couples, as well as therapists, to open up communication in a very taboo area.”

Caroline Evans-Gozen, Relationship Therapist.

It is sad that so many older couples are unable to talk about sex. They’re left feeling isolated and alone. This book is for them.

Annabel McGoldrick, Family Therapist

“I feel like I’m sitting in a cafe over a cup of tea chatting to you! Remembering how I didn’t really admit my menopause was really happening, I think your book helped some deep acknowledgement within me. I appreciate the fact that you talk about psychological issues intelligently and deeply in plain English! It’s an important book that needs to be out there!”

Caroline Born, Dancer and Performer

“Your readers will, I hope, be motivated to act; talk about it, share it, live it and embrace the menopause for what it is – the start of the next part of the journey.”

Husband – interviewed for the book

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