The D-Word: Talking about Dying

The D-Word: Talking about Dying is now available.  Please click on the book cover to order a copy through Amazon.

The D-word: Talking about Dying is a practical guide to support relatives, friends and carers who are coping with the distress and anxiety of someone nearing the end of life, or who has suddenly died. Today, life-extending treatments have over-ridden care for the soul.

Death is regarded as a medical failure, and usually hidden away in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and mortuaries. We have lost the ability to talk openly about the end of life.

It’s frightening to know how to talk to a relative or friend who is dying, or to someone who has been suddenly bereaved but unless we confront this fear, important things can remain unsaid or incomplete, which often turns into unresolved grief, guilt and anger.

Personal stories from people from all walks of life explore the different ways they have come to terms with the dying process or the sudden death of their spouse, partner, parent, friend or child, how they have confronted their fear of talking about it, and ways in which they found support during this very difficult time.

“Beautifully written in clear and compassionate language, it covers all aspects of the journey that we all face … a clear, concise travelling companion.”

Felicity Warner, Hospice of the Heart and Soul Midwives.

“A major contribution to our understanding of the realities of dying … easy to read and littered with richly evocative stories … an excellent book and a valuable asset to all on the way to our common fate.”

Professor Sheila Payne, Director of the International Observatory on End of Life Care, Lancaster University, UK.

“This book will prove to be one of the most important published in 2010. No other book covers the area of dying, the importance of spiritual care, and how best to help relatives and friends, with such detail and clarity.”

Dr Peter Fenwick, Author of ‘The Art of Dying’


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