My interest lies in the lived, felt experience of what it means to reach the menopause in today’s highly sexualised society, and how it Sex meaning and menopauseaffects our relationships and changes our lives.

Interviewing both men and women for  Sex, Meaning and the Menopause made me realise how few couples talk about the menopause in any depth, especially when it comes to sexual changes, or, indeed, understand how the menopause brings unresolved issues within the relationship to the surface.

If you are struggling to talk to each other, follow this link to read about the  importance of good listening skills. You can also read  about how stress can bring on early menopause from my blog.  My most recent blog is on Counsellors and Psychotherapists: Alarming lack of knowledge about the menopause.

Please note that this page is not about medical symptoms related to the menopause.  If you are looking for this, or general information on the menopause, please click on recommended websites, or recommended books.

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