Getting the best from a visit to your GP


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Similar to many women I interviewed for Sex, Meaning and the Menopause, I was disappointed and frustrated when I went to speak to my GP about sex becoming painful.

I felt I hadn’t been heard or understood, and I felt rushed out of the surgery.  So I decided to interview a GP who I know, about the best way of talking to your doctor.  The full interview is in the book, but here are the main points to consider when seeing your GP about the menopause

  • The GP is not a counsellor. He/she is there to assess your overall state of health, and to act as a signpost to other specialists if there are underlying concerns. (By the way, I’ve found it doesn’t necessarily follow that female doctors are any more sympathetic to menopausal women than men are.)
  • Be clear about what you want to talk to your GP about. His or her time is limited, but you will be offered follow-up appointments if necessary.
  • Writing a list of things you want to talk about before your appointment can help.
  • Your GP may offer a variety of tests, for example, to assess thyroid function. If you don’t understand what these tests are, or why they are needed, make sure you ask for information.
  • You may also be referred on to gynaecologists or menopause clinics.
  • Don’t forget that the menopause is a time of immense physical, mental and emotional change. You may be grieving all kinds of losses, and finding it hard to make sense of things.
  •  Your GP may not in fact be the best person to talk to on this. Instead, this could be a good time to see a counsellor.
  • Finally, the way you experience the menopause is very personal to you. So do take the time to inform and educate yourself about the changes you’re going through, especially when it comes to taking HRT.

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