Menopause in the workplace


Launches 2nd October, 2012 with free live teleseminar and Bootcamp kicks off on 16th October, 2012.


Since women represent almost half the labour force in the UK, and over 3.5 million women are aged over 50, here are some surprising and disturbing statistics:

  • 75% of women will experience debilitating symptoms as they go through the menopause
  • 70% of women do not discuss the menopause with their line-managers
  • 56% of working women going through the menopause are experiencing difficulties at home and at work42% of working women are not coping well with the menopause, and their performance is suffering
  • 17% percent of women believe the menopause has a negative impact on their managers’ and colleagues’ perceptions of their competence
  • 12% of women take a day off work because of menopausal symptoms. Over 50% do not tell their line manager the real reason for their absenteeism
  • The three most problematic symptoms tend to be poor concentration, tiredness and poor memory

This needs to change!  And it starts with HR managers and directors encouraging management to be more empathetic and understanding towards their female workforce who are approaching or going through the menopause.

Please get in touch if you have a story you want to share about your experience of menopause in the workplace.

Changing the culture

Ex-hotelier Kathryn Colas was so distressed by the lack of  support she received while going through the menopause that she resigned from her job. Since then, she has developed an on-line programme to educate HR directors and managers about menopause in the workplace.  She is currently looking for companies and organisations to trial this project.  If you are interested, please contact her through her Simply Hormones website.

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