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I am delighted to welcome you to Series 4 of Embracing Your Mortality, launching on Friday 25th March 2022, with a truly eclectic mix of guests, all engaged in what it means to embrace their mortality so they can live more consciously for a better world.

And, here they are:

Samantha Koshare Edouardes: she and her partner are lovingly restoringJohn Lennon’s Sgt Pepper’s Gypsy Caravan into a space that will deliver stories and messages of love and peace around the world. https://peacingtogether.org/about/

Chloe Goodchild: inspirational international singer, composer, innovatory educator, author, and founder of The Naked Voice, which she has taught to tens of thousands of people around the world. http://www.chloegoodchild.com

Megan Kelly: highly experienced family constellation facilitator, dedicated to helping people to heal ancestral wounds so they can heal themselves gettotheorigin.com·@meghanannkelly

Mark Rendell: known as the Business Gardener is passionate about helping us to connect and integrate our way of working with nature and ecology. http://www.thegrowingcompany.co.uk

Maggie La Tourelle: author of The Gift of Alzheimer’s, an extraordinary account of how she cared for her dying mother, now being produced as a radio play staring Juliet Stevenson. http://maggielatourelle.com

Claire and Chris Sandys: creators of The Silent Why, a wonderful podcast full of hope which explores 101 different experiences of loss and grief. https://www.thesilentwhy.com

Frederik Uidall: holding a fascination about the possible existence of UFOs and what their advanced technology can teach us, and how it can help us. He is also an avid academic researcher into Near Death Experiences.  https://frederikuldall.dk

Karen Alexander: renowned crop circle researcher, lecturer and artist, committed to understanding the connection between crop circles and human consciousness. https://temporarytemples.co.uk/

FRIDAY 20th May
Ruth McCarthy: her mission is help us all to develop good listening skills so we can transform our thinking, encourage engagement with each other, and transform the dull into the dynamic. http://www.thinkitthrough.co.uk

And don’t forget to listen to the first three series of Embracing Your Mortality. Links to all the talks are below:

After a summer break, and to celebrate the beginning of autumn, please join me for

Series THREE of  Embracing Your Mortality

I have been speaking with leading thinkers, scientists and sages to explore why engaging with our mortality matters, and how it can help us to live more consciously for a better world. I believe this is needed as we continue to move through these times of chaos and change. I can guarantee you will find all my embracing your mortality conversations uplifting, inspiring and thought provoking.  

Friday 15th October: Terry Le Page – American pastor, talking about consciousness, the major changes we are all facing and how to engage with deep adaptation to support ourselves.

Friday 22nd October: Sisse Budolfsen – founder of the Himalayan Hermitage, talking about how her Buddhist practice has deepened her acceptance of life, death and mortality.

Friday 29th October: Ken Ross – son of Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler Ross and chair of the EKR foundation, talking about carrying on his mother’s work of living with love, not fear.

Friday 5th November: Mandy Preece – spiritual midwife and author of Being Rock,  talking about how to be present at the moment of death, and the essential role of good listening.

Friday 19th  November: Angela Ward – award winning funeral director, talking about the importance of ceremony and how the funeral industry is rapidly adapting to new ways of saying farewells.

Friday 26th November: Michelle Smith director of clinical hospice services, talking about how to manage difficult conversations and provide emotional support to businesses and organisations.

Friday 3rd December: Michael – earth medicine man talking about the use of sacred ceremony and plant medicines to access deeper awareness and connection with universal consciousness.

Friday 10th December: Rosie Ellis and Lauren McDonald – founders of Essence Medicine, talking about fascinating research around the use of psychedelics at the end of life.

Friday, 17th December:  An early Christmas treat with world renowned neuropsychiatrist Dr Peter Fenwick, talking about consciousness, end of life experiences and near-death experience. 

Listen to the Second series of Embracing Your Mortality:

Toby Nowlan May 14th: Nature and Consciousness

Sue speaks with Toby Nowlan award-winning journalist, explorer and biologist about his work as a wildlife film producer and he how sees the role of nature is here to teach us about wonderment, consciousness and community. https://www.tobynowlan.com

Justine Corrie 21st  May: Death and Dignity 

Justine Corrie works as a Core Process psychotherapist, group facilitator and Positive Deep Adaptation facilitator. She speaks with Sue about her profound personal experiences of death and dying and how this has affected her life and vocation. www.justinecorrie.com

Pete Lawrence Friday 28st May: Campfires and Community 

Pete Lawrence talks to Sue about how we can all contribute to making this world a better place by bringing together music, nature and people in creative communities which focus on giving back to each other, to society, and to the Earth. This interview happened just before the 2020 online Campfire Summer Solstice. www. Campfireconvention.uk.

Dr Duncan Still Friday 4th June: Medicine and Holistic Health

Duncan Still is a holistic GP who is passionate about nurition and the role of the natural world in helping us all to maintain optimum health. He talks with Sue about his integrative  work with Penny Brohn cancer charity and teaching holistic medicine to medical students. www.ncim.org.uk

 Johanna Lunn Friday 11th June: Death and Curiosity 

Johanna Lunn is a Canadian award-winning documentary film maker. She speaks to Sue about her new film which explores our relationship with death and dying, and how addressing our relationship with mortality helps us to reduce our fear of death. www.whenyoudie.org

Colin Gilbert. Friday 18th June: Life and Transition

Colin speaks to Sue about living with stage 4 cancer, and how this had led him on an increasingly profound inner journey which has helped him to overcome his fear of death and deepen his understanding of the transition that awaits us all. Colin died on Monday 7th September 2020 shortly following this interview.

Misha Norland.  Friday 25th June: Homeopathy and Healing 

Misha Norland has been practicing homeopathy for the past forty years. He speaks with Sue about how homeopathy changed his life, the subtly of homeopathy and the profound affect it can have our health and welfare. Misha is the founder of the School of Homeopathy. http://www.homeopathyschool.com

Jacqui Gray.  Friday 2nd July: Children and Feelings 

As a child Jacqui was told she would never amount to much. She talks with Sue about the devastating impact this had on her as she grew up and how it motivated her to become an author and workshop leader helping children to understand and manage their feelings. www.stay-calm.co.uk 

 Dion Johnston Friday 9nd July: Women and Empowerment

The Womanlogist Dion Johnston talks with Sue about how her facial disfigurement has inspired her to empower women to take their place in the world and to speak up with dignity and courage for what they want and who they are. www.TheWomanologist.com

Listen again to the first series of Embracing Your Mortality

Liz Rothschild – Saturday 27th February: Funerals and Festivals

Writer and performer Liz Rothschild talks about her new book, Outside the Box, which has been inspired by her work as a life and death funeral celebrant. She also started Westmill Woodland Burial Ground and is the founder of the Kicking the Bucket Festival held in Oxford. She talks about how she became a celebrant and how her book can help people from all walks of life to feel more at ease with death, dying and bereavement. #lizrothschid #westmillwoodlandburialground #outofthebox

Alan Hugenot – Saturday 27th February: Near Death Experiences

Dr Alan Hugenot experienced an NDE following a serious motorbike accident. When he told doctors about it, they dismissed him out of hand. However, his NDE convinced him that consciousness survives after death. He talks about his NDE and how it has impacted his life and work as a spiritualist and medium, and about extraordinary research that is taking place in some of the world’s leading paranormal research institutes. #alanhugenot #neardeathexperiences #ndes

Clare Dubois – Friday 5th March: Growing Trees

Clare Dubois is the courageous, passionate and dedicated founder of TreeSisters. Her journey to set up TreeSisters is both remarkable and quite terrifying, yet also magical and mystical. TreeSisters is now rated in the top 20% of most relevant and inspiring organisations on the planet and so far with the help of sponsors, has funded the planting of over 15 million trees right across the globe, including being chosen to create a legacy forest for the late Captain Sir Tom Moore. #TreeSisters #claredubois #captainsirtommoore

Green Fuse Funerals – Friday 12th March: Flowers and Coffins

Jane Morell and Simon Smith set up Green Fuse Funerals in Totnes twenty years ago after Jane had a vision of opening a flowers shop with coffins in it. As Simon says, ‘We couldn’t understand why funerals had to be so boring and drab.’ Green Fuse took off immediately and now they have trained over 500 people in different aspects of working with funeral directing. They are also co-authors of We Need to Talk About the Funeral. #greenfusefunerals

Alan Pearce – Friday 19th March: Conflicts and Comas

Alan Pearce has covered some of the world’s most harrowing conflicts as a BBC war correspondent. He says he often witnessed ‘the worst and the best of humanity all in the same day.’ Due to being constantly exposed to violence and death, he developed posttraumatic stress disorder which has impacted the way he perceives his own mortality. Currently he is researching his next book that explores extraordinary accounts from coma patients. #alanpearce

Jazmine Wolf – Friday  26th March: Growth Through Grief

Ten years ago, Jazmine Wolfe’s husband died suddenly of an undiagnosed heart condition. He was only in his mid-forties. Jazmine talks candidly about coming to terms with the shock and grief of losing her soul mate, how his death opened her up to look at life very differently and how her grieving process has made her value the simplicity, fragility and vulnerability of life. #jazminewolfe

Jamie Catto – Friday 2nd April: Connection and Intimacy

Jamie Catto is the founder member of Faithless, the highly successful world music band. Jamie is also a life-challenging personal coach and business coach who believes everyone one of us is ‘a wise guru in charge of a mental patient.’ His workshops are designed to shake up our life and confront the perceptions of who we think we are. One participant describes him as a ‘foul-mouthed, passionate, present, witty, musical wizard’, so you’re in for a treat! #jamiecatto #faithless

Clara Apollo – Friday 9th  April: Qigong and well-being

Clara Apollo describes herself as a life-long curious scholar, who has been searching for answers about life and mortality since experiencing a profound awakening as a child. During her search for her own truth, she has been a ballet dancer, nurse, nanny, singer and performer and costume designer for stage and screen. She is now a Qigong teacher and host of Chi Time TV, where she interviews many prominent spiritual thinkers and teachers. #claraapollo #chitimetv

Victor Olliver – Friday 16th April: Astrology and Science

Victor Olliver is an award winner journalist who started his working career training as a lawyer. But all this changed when around the age of 40, as he says, ‘my astrological chart started calling to me.’ He is now one of the UK’s leader astrologers, astrological columnist for The Lady magazine and editor of the highly acclaimed Astrological Journal. #victorolliver #astrology #astrologicaljournal


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