I am speak at conferences, meetings, festivals and on podcasts about what it means to be living consciously for a better world and how to wear your mortality with pride. You can find me on You Tube, and in the meantime, here are two conversations I’ve had about death and dying with Dr Peter Fenwick and with Transform Talks.

This is a conversation  with Dr Peter Fenwick about a mystical experience that was life changing for me.  

 Every now and then someone describes something (in relation to an NDE) that directly resonates, the commonality is gripping. When Sue said the curtains in her forehead parted that’s exactly how I perceived it too. It was almost a magnetic release, as the “force” that held me in my body relinquished I floated up and out between what felt like a gap in curtains, forehead first, up and out.’  Trev1976

In conversation with Dr Tracey Stead and Veronica Hatton about Death in the Time of Corona

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