Granny Mo books are here to help

Granny Mo’s children’s picture books help to answer those BIG questions that children ask about death and dying and loss. This is why the books are a precious and vital resource for any home, nursery and school library.

Is Teddy Going to Die?

Jack has a BIG question about Teddy, which is keeping him wide awake. He wants to know if Teddy is going to die one day, but he’s not sure who to ask about it.  This is where Granny Mo comes to the rescue. She knows just what to say and how to say it so Jack and Teddy can snuggle up together and go to sleep.

You can also click here for Book2Look the first few pages of Is Teddy Going to Die? and also to hear my interview with Radio Glos.

You can order your copy HERE

Finally, a book which talks about death and dying in a compassionate and open way to young children

Michelle Collines, consultant Gerontologist

 I love Granny Mo, and I especially love that she is utterly matter of fact. Death cannot be explained by whimsy or twee trite or so-called consolation 

Fiona Waters, Children’s Book Consultant

Granny Mo is the perfect resource to help both children and parents navigating these challenging times.

Charlotte Adcock, Nursery School Manager

Launching end of May 2021

Why Can’t Mummy Wake up?

Phoebe is confused and very sad because she’s been told her Mummy can’t wake up anymore. Granny Mo gently explains that Mummy can’t wake up because she’s died. Then Granny Mo shows Phoebe how, if she looks carefully, she can see her Mummy just about everywhere, especially in puddles and rainbows.

A little further along the line…

Why didn’t Grampa say goodbye?

Lee’s Grampa has died in an accident and Lee is so angry he’s hurting trees. But Granny Mo can see right through his anger and helps Lee to understand that the pain he is feeling is called grief. She shows him how to tuck away precious memories of his Grampa in his heart, so his Grampa can always be with him. 

What’s happened to my sister?

Sophie is very withdrawn because she thinks she’s caused her baby sister to go away. She was so jealous of her that she asked God to take her back. Granny Mo helps Sophie to understand that it’s not her fault that her sister has died. This helps Sophie to feel better and she is able to smile again. 


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