Who is Granny Mo?

Life is made up from a great number of small incidents and a small number of great ones.

Roald Dahl

Granny Mo’s Mission

Granny Mo

Granny Mo’s mission is to tackle those searing questions about death and loss which seem to naturally tumble out of a young child’s mouth – often from as young as three years old – such as, ‘Am I going to die one day?’ and ‘Where has Grandpa gone?’ These questions can leave many mummies and daddies, grannies, grandpas and everyone else who cares for young children unsure of what to say or the right way to say it.

This is where Granny Mo comes to the rescue. Granny Mo has seen a thing or two in her interstellar life and is happy to sit down with any child to simply and honestly answer their questions about death, dying and loss. Granny Mo also gives adults the confidence and skills to support a child who needs time to absorb these big life experiences and to make sense of the confusion, pain and fear they may be feeling.

Where does Granny Mo come from?

Granny Mo is not a witch. And, please don’t call her one because it makes her very cross. Granny Mo comes from the stars. And, her interstellar family are full of cosmic diversity – her mother is from the Pleiades and her father is from Rigel, bottom-most right-hand star in the constellation of Orion’s belt. On a clear night you can take a peek at both these constellations through a telescope. Due to her mixed interstellar lineage, Granny Mo is very aware that diversity of all kinds exists throughout the Universe.

When Granny Mo is not visiting children on Earth and tackling their big life questions, she lives on a planet very near the galaxy of Andromeda, located on the edge of our very own Milky Way galaxy. You can see the beautiful swirls of Andromeda if you look really carefully through the telescope.

How did Granny Mo get her name?

When Granny Mo was born, her parents could see she was really special. So they gave her a name that vibrated to the sound of ‘Om’ (Mo the other way round), said to be the first sound to be heard when the Universe burst into life 13 billions years ago! 

Right from the start, Granny Mo knew she wanted to help the children from Earth. This meant spending a very long time studying for the Intergalactic Starseed Worker exams (ISW)  which she passed with first class interplanetary honours. Passing these prestigious exams also gave her the right to put Granny in front of her name. The title ‘Granny’ is full of gravitas – similar to having Dr. in front of your name but much more important. 

Granny Mo’s core values are all about honouring and respecting the feelings and experiences of young children especially when they are being confronted by death, dying and loss.

What Granny Mo Loves

  • Kindness
  • Helping people when they are struggling
  • Taking time to listen to each other
  • Sharing and caring together
  • Talking to plants
  • Planting trees
  • Being gentle with animals
  • Looking up at the night sky

What Granny Mo Dislikes

  • Bullying 
  • Making mean and horrid remarks
  • Throwing litter around
  • Stamping on flowers and plants
  • Damaging trees
  • Being cruel to animals

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