Taking responsibility for our death is all about deep adaptation

Sue Brayne in conversation with psychotherapist and Positive Deep Adaptation facilitator Justine Corrie as part of the Living Consciously for a Better World series of interviews, which provide food for thought in this time of uncertainty, challenge and change.

Justine Corrie lived and travelled extensively in Asia in the 90’s and during 2015 and 2016 volunteered in the Jungle camp in Calais and Grande-Synthe in Dunkirk where she initiated support systems for the network of grass-roots volunteers across Europe.  She has been working as a Core Process psychotherapist since 2012 – a therapeutic model which brings together Buddhist psychology of self, transpersonal and western trauma-informed models to orient towards the person’s core state of inherent health. She is also a group facilitator and has been a Positive Deep Adaptation facilitator since September 2019 after she read Professor Jem Bendell’s paper, Deep Adaptation: A map for navigating climate tragedy.

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Stepping Beyond Inequities to Address Systemic Collapse

Sue in conversation with Dr Christine Gibson. Christine is 46 and works in three health centres on the east side of Deerfoot in Calgary, Canada, which support individuals and indigenous communities experiencing health and wellbeing inequities. Christine is also increasingly involved with the possibility of global systemic collapse and the impact that this will have on communities and cultures around the world. She has a Masters’ degree from the University of Dundee and supplementary training in trauma therapy and social innovation (systems change). In 2015 she gave a Ted Talk: Journey from Hero to Humility on the importance of listening to the needs of distressed or traumatised communities rather than pitching in with ‘medical expertise.’

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Get skilled up for climate crisis!

Conversations about Living Consciously for a Better World provide practical skills, resilience and supportive information in this time of uncertainty, challenge and change.

Sue Brayne in conversation with Pam Candea, CEO, climate activist and group work facilitator.

Pam Candea is CEO of The Surefoot Effect, a community interest company which equips people, communities and organisations with skills for sustainability and resilience. Its main focus is working with businesses and communities to support them to take action to lessen the impacts of the climate crisis and to promote social justice.  

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Deep Adaptation: a time to come together

Beautiful grounds of Haybergill Retreat Centre

Recently I was a participant in Professor Jem Bendell’s Deep Adaptation retreat at the Haybergill Centre, Yorkshire. I was a little apprehensive before embarking on the six-hour drive from Wiltshire because I had read Jem’s deep adaptation paper, which doesn’t pull any punches predicting social unrest and financial collapse as climate crisis continues to unfold.

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