Series 4 of Embracing Your Mortality is drawing to a close

I am delighted that Ruth McCarthy is concluding series 4 today with an inspiring podcast about the importance of good listening skills. 

The series started on Friday 25th March with  Samantha Koshare Edouardestalking about how her partner is lovingly restoring John Lennon’s Sgt Pepper’s Circus Waggon as a message for global peace. 

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Thank you everyone!

I am delighted that Embracing Your Mortality is hitting the mark with so many people. It’s spread mainly through word of mouth, so I am particularly grateful to those who have passed on the link.

Series 4 is on its way (with help from the wonderful Cheryl from the Podcast Den), launching on Friday 25th March, with a truly eclectic mix of guests, all engaged in what it means to embrace their mortality so they can live more consciously for a better world.

And, here they are:

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Embracing Your Mortality  Podcast Artwork Image

I can’t believe how these past nine weeks have flown by.  And, what a nine weeks they’ve been. 

I do hope that listening to my third series of Embracing Your Mortality has given you inspiration and hope as we continue to sail through such turbulent waters. 

I also wanted to say that my final guest for this series is world renowned neuropsychiatrist Dr Peter Fenwick, who talks about the role that consciousness plays in the dying process. His interview is now live and you can’t afford to miss it!

As this series draws to a close I send a HUGE thank you to Cheryl Philips from the Podcast Den for her incredible production skills, and another huge thank you to all my guests for their honesty and willingness to engage with what it means for them to embrace their mortality so they can live more consciously for a better world. Links to all their interviews are below.

Embracing Your Mortality will be back in Spring 2022 with a fourth series of nine awesome people ready to share their wisdom, foresight, and knoweldge with us.


Friday 15th October: Terry Le Page – American pastor, talking about consciousness, the major changes we are all facing and how to engage with deep adaptation to support ourselves.

Friday 22nd October: Sisse Budolfsen – founder of the Himalayan Hermitage, talking about how her Buddhist practice has deepened her acceptance of life, death and mortality.

Friday 29th October: Ken Ross – son of Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler Ross and chair of the EKR foundation, talking about carrying on his mother’s work of living with love, not fear.

Friday 5th November: Mandy Preece – spiritual midwife and author of Being Rock, talking about how to be present at the moment of death, and the essential role of good listening.

Friday 19th  November: Angela Ward – award winning funeral director, talking about the importance of ceremony and how the funeral industry is rapidly adapting to new ways of saying farewells.

Friday 26th November: Michelle Smith director of clinical hospice services, talking about how to manage difficult conversations and provide emotional support to businesses and organisations.

Friday 3rd December: Michael – earth medicine man talking about the use of sacred ceremony and plant medicines to access deeper awareness and connection with universal consciousness.

Friday 10th December: Rosie Ellis and Lauren McDonald – founders of Essence Medicine, talking about fascinating research around the use of psychedelics at the end of life.

Friday, 17th December:  An early Christmas treat with world renowned neuropsychiatrist Dr Peter Fenwick, talking about consciousness, end of life experiences and near-death experience. 

Don’t forget to listen series one and two as well. 

Series 3 of Embracing Your Mortality starting this Friday

After a summer break, and to celebrate the beginning of autumn, please join me this coming Friday, for Series THREE of Embracing Your Mortality! 

I have speaking with leading thinkers, scientists and sages to explore why engaging with our mortality matters, and how it can help us to live more consciously for a better world. I believe this is so needed as we continue to move through these times of chaos and change. I can guarantee you will find all my embracing your mortality conversations uplifting, inspiring and thought provoking. 

Until then…

… here’s the line-up:

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Approaching the Final Frontier

I am delighted to be giving a presentation on How Love Rolls In at the End of Life during this wonderful on-line conference coming up on SATURDAY 16TH OCTOBER, exploring Death and Integrative Healthcare – Approaching the Final Frontier.

It is hosted by the Integrative Healthcare Forum, part of the National Centre for Integrative Medicine. 

 I do hope you can join us as it promises to be a fascinating day. Please pass this information on to anyone who might be interested.

And, don’t forget to listen to my Embracing Your Mortality podcast

Series three – packed full of fascinating conversations – will be going live in October. In the meantime, treat yourself to the first two podcast series with guests who are guaranteed to stretch your mind and soul. 

Loss and Grief workshop in September

This is to let you know of the Loss and Grief workshop coming up at the AMMERDOWN RETREAT CENTRE

Leader: Sue Brayne

Saturday, 11th Sep 2021 

Starts: 10am – Ends: 4pm

Cost: £50 includes morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea.

Day Course D1921

It’s been a tough time for so many of us over the past eighteen months, and this workshop is an opportunity to come together to talk about how grief and loss have impacted our lives.

Although grief and loss are part of the human conditions, many of us struggle to cope with the profound personal and spiritual crises that arise, the mental and emotional turmoil that we experience, or how our lives will never be the same again. 

This workshop provides a safe space for anyone who wants to explore grief and loss and to understand the profound lessons they can teach us. It will also explore how feelings and emotions can become trapped in the body and discover ways to gently release them. 

BOOK NOW through the Ammerdown Centre

or call 01761 433709

The Ammerdown Centre
Ammerdown Park,

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