I Just Know I Am on a Quest

Alan Pearce

Thankfully, very few of us have ever witnessed or been through what journalist Alan Pearce has experienced. Apart from covering some of the world’s most harrowing conflicts as a BBC war correspondent, he has also been put under death threats and was almost throttled to death by a Taliban soldier. Yet, he says that during his time in hostile environments he often witnessed ‘the worst and the best of humanity all in the same day.’ The best gave him renewed hope. Due to his constant exposure to violence and death, Alan developedposttraumatic stress disorder, and this has affected the way he perceives his own mortality and his relationship with consciousness. Currently he is researching his next book WHAT GOES ON BEHIND CLOSED EYES: The Beautiful and Disturbing World of Coma Survivors.

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New Podcast: Flowers and Coffins

Welcome to Embracing Your Mortality podcasts

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Green Fuse Funerals – Friday 12th March

Enjoy this jolly chat with Jane Morell and Simon Smith who set up Green Fuse Funerals in Totnes twenty years ago after Jane had a vision of opening a flowers shop with coffins in it. As Simon says, ‘We couldn’t understand why funerals had to be so boring and drab.’ Green Fuse took off immediately and now they have trained over 500 people in different aspects of working with funeral directing. They are also co-authors of We Need to Talk About the Funeral. #greenfusefunerals

A note from Sue: Thank you for visiting this page. You may be interested in my Granny Mo children’s books, which help adults to talk with children about death and dying, and my books for adults on death and dying may help as well. You can also listen to a host of fascinating guests on my Embracing Your Mortality podcast and enjoy reading their interviews on my blog.

Studying as an astrologer felt like coming home.

Victor Olliver, Astrologer and editor of the Astrology Journal

Victor Olliver is an award winning journalist and a long time ago, trained as a lawyer. But around the age of 40, as he says, ‘my chart started to call to me’, and he is now one of the UK’s leading astrologers and editor of the Astrological Journal. Victor also has an abiding passion for studying the mysticism of symbolism and how astrology can help us to find meaning and purpose in our life.  

You can contact Victor through his website:

You can also listen to Victor Olliver on my Embracing Your Morality podcast on Friday, 16th April 2021

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New podcast with Clare Dubois

Clare Dubois – Friday 5th March


Clare Dubois is the courageous, passionate and dedicated founder of TreeSisters. Her journey to set up TreeSisters is both remarkable and quite terrifying, yet also magical and mystical. TreeSisters is now rated in the top 20% of most relevant and inspiring organisations on the planet and so far with the help of sponsors, has funded the planting of over 15 million trees right across the globe, including being chosen to create a legacy forest for the late Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Talking to Children about Death and Dying

A huge thank you to Instinctive Living for publishing this blog on talking to children about death and dying. Check out the wonderful work Instinctive Living is doing in helping us all to share our creativity and inspiration with each other.

Talking to children about death and dying

I am delighted to introduce you to the world of Granny Mo, whose job is to help children and adults to talk together about death and dying. However, first I want to tell you why she came into being. 

It all started with Jack, my not-yet four-year-old grandson asking out of the blue while he was having lunch, ‘Am I going to die one day?’ His mother glanced at me in alarm and mouthed, ‘Over to you!’ 

I told him, ‘Yes, you will die one day and so will your sister and your mummy and daddy, and I will too. Everyone dies just as everyone is born – that’s how life is created.’

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Qigong is the heart of who I am

Clara Apollo

Clara Apollo is the host for Chi Time TV, interviewing some of the world’s leading metaphysical and spiritual teachers of our time. She describes herself as a life-long curious scholar, who has been searching for answers since experiencing a profound awakening as a child. During her search for her own truth, she has been a ballet dancer, nurse, nanny, singer and performer, textile and wedding dress designer, costume designer for stage and screen, art and biology teacher, now Qigong teacher, Reiki Master and radio/TV presenter. Clara has been sharing the teachings of Elemental Qigong since the early 2000’s, returning to her own practice time and again, as a deep inner resource. As she says, Qigong has become the heart and soul of who she is.

To contact Clara, please go to: And click on the link for information on Clara’s next 7 week Qigong Breathwork course

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We never planned to open Green Fuse Funerals. It just happened!

Simon and Jane

Jane Morrell and Simon Smith set up Green Fuse twenty years ago. It’s been a long journey from setting up in a flower shop with coffins. Jane’s aim was to celebrate rites of passage with flowers and ceremonies. On the first day she opened someone came in whose son had just been found dead in the bath after an overdose. They had no idea he was an addict. This was their first venture into the funeral business and celebration of his life. The funeral work grew and eventually Jane and Simon decided to start training others in the way they worked, both celebrants and funeral directors. They have now trained over 500 people in different aspects of working with funeral directing. 

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