Talking to Children about Death and Dying

A huge thank you to Instinctive Living for publishing this blog on talking to children about death and dying. Check out the wonderful work Instinctive Living is doing in helping us all to share our creativity and inspiration with each other.

Talking to children about death and dying

I am delighted to introduce you to the world of Granny Mo, whose job is to help children and adults to talk together about death and dying. However, first I want to tell you why she came into being. 

It all started with Jack, my not-yet four-year-old grandson asking out of the blue while he was having lunch, ‘Am I going to die one day?’ His mother glanced at me in alarm and mouthed, ‘Over to you!’ 

I told him, ‘Yes, you will die one day and so will your sister and your mummy and daddy, and I will too. Everyone dies just as everyone is born – that’s how life is created.’

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Qigong is the heart of who I am

Clara Apollo

Clara Apollo is the host for Chi Time TV, interviewing some of the world’s leading metaphysical and spiritual teachers of our time. She describes herself as a life-long curious scholar, who has been searching for answers since experiencing a profound awakening as a child. During her search for her own truth, she has been a ballet dancer, nurse, nanny, singer and performer, textile and wedding dress designer, costume designer for stage and screen, art and biology teacher, now Qigong teacher, Reiki Master and radio/TV presenter. Clara has been sharing the teachings of Elemental Qigong since the early 2000’s, returning to her own practice time and again, as a deep inner resource. As she says, Qigong has become the heart and soul of who she is.

To contact Clara, please go to: And click on the link for information on Clara’s next 7 week Qigong Breathwork course

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We never planned to open Green Fuse Funerals. It just happened!

Simon and Jane

Jane Morrell and Simon Smith set up Green Fuse twenty years ago. It’s been a long journey from setting up in a flower shop with coffins. Jane’s aim was to celebrate rites of passage with flowers and ceremonies. On the first day she opened someone came in whose son had just been found dead in the bath after an overdose. They had no idea he was an addict. This was their first venture into the funeral business and celebration of his life. The funeral work grew and eventually Jane and Simon decided to start training others in the way they worked, both celebrants and funeral directors. They have now trained over 500 people in different aspects of working with funeral directing. 

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‘Never, ever give up hope.’

Ten years ago, Jazmine Wolf’s husband died suddenly in his mid-forties of an undiagnosed heart condition. She talks candidly about coming to terms with the shock and grief of losing her soul mate and how she has rebuilt her life as an inspiring business coach and her special love of caring for elderly people. 

To get in touch with Jazmine, please go to The Wolf Coaching Organisation Ltd on Facebook.

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I never imagined I could have a serious stroke at the age of 43.

In February 2020, Adam Cormack had a life altering stroke at the age of forty-three. This is his inspirational story about his recovery to give us all hope and courage as we move into 2021 – and all that it will bring to our door.

Adam works for The Woodland Trust environmental charity as head of campaigning. It’s a demanding job involving a fair amount of travelling, developing case work on trees and wood that are under threat and running campaigns to influence government spending and government policies for trees and woods. It’s work, which he says he loves, although he admits, ‘it’s kind of never ending really.’ He was back to full-time work by July. Adam is also dad to three young daughters aged eight, twelve and fourteen.

Adam joined the Woodland Trust in 2019. Before that, he’d been working for about a decade with The Wildlife Trust.  After graduating in American Studies  he played in a band for a few years, touring and releasing records. When it became clear this was going to be a really hard way to earn a living, Adam started following his other passion for the outdoors and the environment, which he has been doing for the past decade or so. 

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Everyone has an idea worth sharing!

Meet the TEDxFrome dream team! Dawn Denton who holds the licence for TEDxFrome is 49 and originally from South Africa. She is a trained teacher and also a European tour guide. Since Covid, Dawn has been supporting small business owners online with their social media content creation as well as setting up TEDxFrome.   

Nicola Tanner is 54 and is Dawn’s righthand TEDx woman. She has lived in Japan and the AUE and was in Singapore for 13 years before returning to the UK and settling in Frome. She is a career change coach and author and coaches and supports TEDxFrome applicants. Dawn and Nicola met around two years ago at a Frome community meeting.   

If you would like to apply for a TEDx Talk Frome, please email:


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