The Golden Age is Coming

Vidya Frazier is an author and leading authority on the ascension shift into the fifth dimension and the coming of the Golden Age. Following several profound spiritual awakenings, she has dedicated her life to helping people understand what this shift into the fifth dimension means as a collective experience as well as an individual experience. Vidya’s latest book The Ascension Lightworker Guide: a handbook for weary souls is now available on Amazon. She lives in California and offers online mentoring and healing sessions. Please contact Vidya through her website to make an appointment. 

Some of the concepts Vidya talks about might feel a bit confusing or even strange for those who are new to the ascension process. So do go to Vidya’s website for more information and guidance. 

Sue: Welcome Vidya. I love the title of your new book because it certainly resonates with me! I am so delighted to talk with you. I have been following your blogs and reading your books for some time and I am curious how you came to be involved with the ascension process. 

Vidya: I first became aware of the ascension process through a spiritual teacher back in the late sixties who talked about the Golden Age that was going to happen in the 21st century, after a profound leap of consciousness would take place.  When I heard this, I immediately thought, ‘Oh Yes! I know that’s what I am here for’. But at that point it was so far in the future that I lost sight of it for a while. So I just continued on my spiritual path, studying both Eastern and Western traditions, and eventually settling into the teachings of the nondual path.

Then 2000 arrived and I started to remember again. But at that point, things certainly didn’t look like a Golden Age had arrived. So, I started researching and meditating about it. I came to know again that yes, there was going to be Golden Age, but it probably wouldn’t be starting until sometime later in the new century. I could feel this reality stirring within me, understanding that we were currently in a period of transition. 

Around the same time, I was invited to India by the avatars Sri Bhagavan and Amma to visit their Oneness University and to take part in their twenty-one week ascension course. They too spoke about the coming of the Golden Age, and I received from them what’s called the oneness blessing or deekshadesigned to assist people in awakening. My time there was magical and that’s what really woke me up to the reality of the Fifth Dimension. 

Sue:  What happened for you? 

Vidya:  I realised, ‘Alright, the shift into the Fifth Dimension – it’s a profound shift that humanity has to go through, a whole lot of healing and releasing of age-old patterns is going to need to happen.’ So I began a course with a healer to learn about quantum healing. It was then that I really started getting inner messages. My spiritual guides were saying, ‘This is what you’re here to do – to help heal and teach other people about the ascension process and how to move through it, because it ain’t gonna be easy.’  

Sue: You talk about being on the spiritual path since the sixties. I am curious if something happened to you or a particular event happened to open you up to this. Or did you wake up one morning and feel different? 

Vidya: It was more of a gradual drip. All through my childhood I knew I was different. My mother used to call me the mystical romantic. It was a kind of put-down, but you know, it was accurate. I was the mystical romantic. I knew about angels and I had my own inner experiences and dreams. I didn’t talk much about any of it because there was no one who would understand. It wasn’t until I reached my twenties that I started to realise there were other people like me out there. So, for me, it was a gradual thing. But I have had several really huge awakening experiences. One was at the end of the seventies when I experienced myself as a Soul. All kinds of magical stuff happened. Then I had another awakening in the nineties when I was with the guru Papaji in India. I just woke up to Reality.  I realised on an even more profound level who I am.

Sue: I think a lot of people will identify with what you say about waking up. But do you think everyone has a different experience in the way they wake up? 

Vidya: Yes, it means something different to everyone. For me, it was like suddenly waking up from a long, unpleasant dream and going, ‘Oh right! This is who I am – I forgot!’  It was huge because for me it was waking up to knowing I am pure consciousness. I am everywhere. I am everything. I am creation. And, I am also this much larger Soul-Being with a lot of extensions existing on different levels. One of the extensions is this human mind/body in this particular incarnation. But that’s just one part of me. There’s a lot else going on.

Sue: Did this realisation happen in a meditation or come to you in a dream? 

Vidya: No. It happened when I was reading a spy novel in my living room! I was alone and my husband was downstairs watching television. While I was reading my book, something inside me just suddenly opened up. I saw an image of the end of a path, and there was the knowing that I’d come to the end of my life as I’d known it. It was over.  And then suddenly a huge expansion in my consciousness occurred. It was night-time, and as I looked out of the window, it was like everything was sparkly and new. I had this knowing, ‘Oh, this is who I am.’ I started walking around the house, and I remember feeling puzzled to see that a body was walking with me. I went down the stairs and my husband took one look at me, turned off the TV and said, ‘What’s happened to you?’ 

It was just this incredible feeling of joy and profound freedom. There were a number of experiences in the next few weeks when I would just erupt into laughter. I remember walking late at night with my dog during the full moon. I suddenly looked up at the moon and just couldn’t stop laughing. There was just so much joy. We were living in the mountains at the time, and I realised at one point that I was lost. But it didn’t matter. I just kept on walking. In my experience, this kind of joy is what we are going to experience in the Fifth Dimension. 

Sue: I guess some people might call this a kundalini awakening?   

Vidya: It didn’t quite feel like a kundalini awakening. It was just something that erupted. There was another experience about a week later where I was driving down a very steep road and my car suddenly slid out of control and made a 180-degree turn.  I ended up right on the edge of a steep cliff. I sat there in the car with my heart pounding, but there was absolutely no fear. It was like, ‘Ohhh! I almost left — but I didn’t.’ I wasn’t afraid because I was so clear about who I was as pure consciousness. I had this body, which was important, but it wasn’t who I was. I just knew I’d had a choice at that moment – I could have left the body. It was one of my exit points. But I’d made the decision to stay.  

Sue: I am curious you say this experience in the car was one of your exit points. Do you think exit points happen for a lot of people who you describe in your book as lightworkers – that there’s a sense of choice about coming here in the first place and when we leave?

Vidya: Yes, absolutely. There’s choice all the way along the line. I think all of us who know ourselves to be Light Workers specifically chose to be here at this time. The ascension process is the most exciting thing happening in the universe at this point. From what I hear, the ascension process – with human beings taking their physical bodies with them – has never been done before, and we’ve got a lot of galactic entities watching us and cheering us on, helping us.  

My understanding is that an opportunity for the ascension process happens every 26,000 years or so when Gaia is in a certain part of the Milky Way. This is when there are a lot of really high energy waves that come onto Earth to help people make this ascension with Gaia. So Gaia’s gone through the ascension process a number of times. And this time, I understand Gaia is saying, ‘This is it! I really don’t want to do this cycle of shifting back to 3D to start ascension all over again. So I want as many souls as possible this time to be able to ascend with me.’

Sue: Otherwise, Gaia will make the ascension without us? 

Vidya: She will take as many Souls as are ready to ascend with her. 

Sue: That’s something to really think about.  But I also think it would be good to explore what you mean by ascension. There’s a lot of talk about it, but people often don’t fully understand it. I’ve heard we will be keeping our physical bodies, so we ‘ascend’ just as we are. I’m a bit sceptical about that. 

Vidya: It’s not magical like that. This is the same kind of thinking that happened on December 21, 2012 [when the Mayan calendar ran out.] People thought, ‘So I’m going wake up tomorrow and be in the Fifth Dimension.’  Of course, that didn’t happen.

The ascension process is an inside job; it’s not going to just happen. It takes a lot of inner work, especially for those of us who have had many lifetimes. A lot of us came here not just centuries ago, but thousands of years ago, and we have stuff we have to clear up before we can shift into the Fifth Dimension. We can’t take our stuff with us. 

Sue: Can you explain more about the ‘Event’ that people are also talking about.

Vidya: As I understand it, the Event is going to be a huge solar blast of energy coming from what’s called the cosmic sun through our own sun. It’s going to really boost us in the ascension process because, among other things, it’s going to make it easier to do the healing we need to do. It’s been said that we’re going to go into bliss for a few days afterward, because the energies are going to be so filled with love and joy. But those who are not on the ascension path are probably going to find the Event really difficult.

My sense is that, on the timeline we’re on now, the Event will probably happen sometime in the next few years – and then there will be several waves of ascension that will take place afterwards into the Fifth Dimension.  

Sue: So, from what you are saying, there are two sets of people –- those who are committed to work on themselves to clear their dark stuff so they can go to a higher dimension with Gaia, and those who not prepared to do this work.

Vidya: Right. It’s just that they’re not prepared as souls. They haven’t had enough experience, they haven’t evolved enough, so they’re going to be leaving the planet in one way or another beforehand. 

Sue: What will happen to them?

Vidya: From what I understand, as the last wave of souls are ascending, those still on the earth in this second group are going to be taken to other places in the Universe where the Third and Fourth Dimensions are still happening, so they can continue on with their evolution in their own way.

Sue: Will they know what’s happened to them? 

Vidya: I have no idea. I think probably not. You know, if you are in 3D consciousness, you’re not aware of any of those higher truths. They’ll probably just be born into a lifetime like people here are. You come in as a baby, not knowing anything about your past lives. Although here on the Earth in 3D, the whole reincarnation system has been corrupted. But that’s disappearing now. People are waking up to the fact that this corruption has held us back in our evolution.  

Sue: I am really interested in what you mean by being held back by corruption. I’ll come back to that, but first I want to ask you if physical death plays a role in the ascension process. I’ve spoken to many people about 5D who don’t believe death will exist anymore. What’s your take on this? 

Vidya:  A lot of people will choose death because their body is too old or too sick – but in dying, they will be able to create a new, more fifth-dimensional body. 

Sue: Do you mean they will physically die and be living a 5D existence after death? 

Vidya: If your consciousness has ascended into the Fifth Dimension, death of the body won’t matter; you’ll be in 5D.  I think a lot of us older people may choose to die, just to have a new body. I know I’m going to be here quite a lot longer in this body – which doesn’t thrill me – but it’s the choice I have made. Those who will be choosing to go through the process of death will either decide to come back into the fifth-dimensional Gaia; or, if they are starseeds, they may choose to go home.

Sue:  When you talk about starseeds going home, what do you mean? 

Vidya:  Well, a lot of us who are here to help make this ascension happen are starseeds from somewhere else in the universe. We are ancient souls, and we’ve been around the block a few times.  So, at death, we may decide to go back to whatever star system we came from. We decided to come here to Earth to assist humanity in the ascension process – to help wake people up in whatever way we can. But once our mission is accomplished, we may decide to return home. 

We all have our own unique gifts for helping the ascension process. You don’t have to be a leader or an author or a teacher. A lot of people are frequency holders – they just know how to hold that higher frequency and they’re doing a great job. Actually, a lot of people have no idea they are doing this, but they will begin to wake up and realise it. 

Sue: Yes, I think a lot of people are frequency holders for Gaia. But our world is in such a mess – we’ve created so much damage to the planet. How do you think this is going to be resolved?

Vidya: I think in a certain way, it is resolving already. It depends on which news you want to follow. If you follow the mainstream news, all you hear is all the awful things that are happening.  But if you follow independent journalists and spiritual teachers, they are saying much more positive things. 

But these changes are going to take a while. It’s very much like when you do a cleanse.  There’s initially a reaction – all the dead bacteria and toxins come up and you feel just awful. But everything has to come to the surface – and that’s exactly what’s going on now. There’s nothing new about police brutality or racism or the control of Big Pharma.  It’s been going on for decades – and in some cases thousands of years. But it’s all coming to the surface and being revealed so that humanity can release it and ascend. It’s just a necessary transitional stage we’re currently in. All the darkness needs to be revealed in order to be healed and released – because it can’t go with us to the Fifth Dimension.

Sue: I am really struck by what you say in your book about giving up your story of suffering. That really spoke to me because of the suffering we have caused to Gaia and how we seem to be born into suffering. What does this mean to you? 

Vidya: Well, the healing process starts when you begin to know you have a story of suffering. Life in the third dimension is about suffering. But when you just keep on telling your story of suffering to all your friends and to your doctor and everybody else you know, you get identified with this story of suffering and believe, ‘This is who I am.’  And this is the point when you have to realise, No, this isn’t who you are. This is just a story — and focusing on it keeps you stuck in suffering. You forget you are a soul that’s having this experience of suffering and that you can stop it by giving up the story of it.

Sue:  Do you believe that we incarnate carrying some form of what the Buddhist describe as karma? The concept of cause and effect over many lifetimes. So, we are kind of impregnated energetically with something we need to deal with or address in this lifetime? 

Vidya:  Absolutely. Karma is real. Each lifetime offers us the opportunity to balance out mistakes we’ve made in former lifetimes. A lot of the healing that I do with people has to do with past life stuff they’ve brought in. 

Sue: When they come for healing, do they know it’s to do with past life issues? 

Vidya: Some do, but a lot don’t. But that’s part of the healing work – helping them to understand why they are going through difficult experiences. It’s an opportunity to resolve the karma this time. 

Sue: Do you think so many souls are incarnating at this present time because this is the final opportunity to do this inner work? 

Vidya: Well, 26,000 years is a long time to wait for the next ascension opportunity!  

Sue: It does feel that there is such an urgency going on. But, you look around the world and it appears to be completely breaking down. How do you help people to stay steady with what’s happening? 

Vidya:  The first thing is to focus on what’s positive and to quit following the mainstream news. It really is geared to keep us in fear and despair. We have to keep our vibration as high as possible – and, at the same time, focus on healing when stuff comes up, rather than distracting ourselves from the discomfort that’s arising. When something uncomfortable comes up, ask ‘What’s really going on? What do I need to resolve?’  

It’s a time for inner reflection rather than outer distraction. Whatever darkness is coming up has to come up if we’re going into the Fifth Dimension. It can’t come with us. But, at the same time, remember, if it’s coming up, it’s not because you’ve done something wrong; in fact, it’s probably because you’re doing something right!  For instance, maybe you’re now able to face a trauma you experienced back in your twenties you couldn’t face at the time when it happened. 

Sue: I notice that one of the chapters in your book focuses on depression. This really resonates with me. I have an awareness of having signed up to be a light worker, but sometimes it’s really difficult to get the plot, which leaves me feeling, ‘What’s the point of all this?’

Vidya: Yeah. It’s hard work at times. But we can’t take this kind of negative thinking and powerlessness with us to the next level. We are here to just dig in and do this work for ourselves – with love. That’s the message I try to get across over and over again; it’s really about learning about self-love and not believing the messages of your inner critic.  

Light workers are really good-hearted people, but so many are feeling a sense of worthlessness. Yet when I work with them, I see this magnificent soul – this glorious, ancient, powerful soul – caught in this little body feeling like there’s something wrong with them. But there’s nothing wrong – it’s just third dimensional debris that they’ve picked up. It’s a matter of letting it go and then standing up in our knowing that we are these glorious multidimensional beings. 

Sue: I’m aware there’s a considerable amount of talk about ascension and 5D on the internet. But some people are saying it’s all nonsense. It’s just another spiritual bypassing where you can live in fantasy land rather than facing the truth of what’s really going on, which essentially is the breaking down of the world we know. How do you respond to this? 

Vidya:  Yeah, a lot of people who don’t want to do their deep inner work are trying the spiritual bypass, but it’s not going to work. Eventually your stuff catches up with you.  

And it’s true that the world is essentially breaking down at this point – and for that reason it’s really important to develop a strong sphere of Light and Love around yourself, especially when you go out in public. I call in the light of the Holy Spirit. This is not a Christian thing — it’s a part of Source. When you call it in, you can feel this Light filling, surrounding, and protecting you. It keeps you in a higher consciousness when you go out, so you’re not affected by other people’s fear, anger and despair.

Sue:  I think that’s such an important point you made because personally I’ve really noticed since lockdown how my head is much clearer. I hadn’t realised I’d been swimming around in other people’s thought bubbles. 

Vidya: That’s why I am saying putting this field of Light around you is so important. When I walk into a store, I always keep Light around me. And I also send it all over the store to everybody. That’s what’s wonderful about the Holy Spirit: you can send it out through your third eye and through your heart to other people; you feel it going out and then coming back to you again.  It just keeps lifting your consciousness and keeps you protected from lower vibrations.

Sue: Part of your work is concerned with conspiracy information. Can you explain what this means? 

Vidya: I cover this extensively in my book, Triumph of the Light. Even though it can sound like science fiction when you start reading this information, you come to realize that actual conspiracies do exist – and they actually go back thousands of years, starting with hostile galactic entities who came to the planet and started messing with the developing human race. 

There were also some very positive Galactics who came to the human race in its evolution. But the hostile ones had very powerful AI equipment, and they were able to take control of the human race to a large extent from the inner realms of the lower Fourth Dimension. Long story short, they helped create certain bloodlines of human beings who have become known as the Cabalthe Illuminati, the Deep State or the Shadow Government. People in these bloodline families believe themselves to be superior to the rest of humanity and that they’re here to rule us.

And they have been very much in control of most of the governments in the world, our healthcare systems, the media, and the entertainment industry. They’ve also infiltrated most religions and educational systems.  I’ll tell you, when I first started reading about this information, I did not want to hear about it. But immediately I somehow knew there was truth in it. The idea to write a book about it came to me from my guides. I didn’t want to do it. But they just worked on me until I realised this was part of my mission. 

I have also included some conspiracy information in the first part of The Ascension Lightworkers Guide, because those of us who are Light Workers have to know what we are waking up from, and what we are here to help dispel. We have to know how we have been controlled, manipulated and brainwashed on many different levels. As I say, even the reincarnation system has been corrupted so that we have had to keep incarnating over and over again; and when we are reborn, it’s without any memory of our past lives or what we’ve learned from them. We’ve been stuck here and held back in our evolution.

Sue: I have talked with Buddhists and Hindus about their beliefs in karma and spirituality. It seems to me that they are much freer of this manipulation, conditioning and brainwashing than we are in the West. 

Vidya: The Cabal are more firmly established in the West. Also, there’s more emphasis here on money and material goals; there’s little emphasis on inner reflection. Whereas Buddhists and Hindus generally grow up with a spiritual dimension to life. It’s part of who they are. 

Sue: Do you think Eastern traditions believe in the Cabal?

Vidya: I don’t know, but I think a lot of people in the East are also waking up to realising what’s going on, on that level. I hear from clients across the world where the Cabal isn’t as established as it is in the West, and they’re at least somewhat aware of what’s happening.  

Sue: Well, it was interesting what happened to Jeffrey Epstein. His arrest and death definitely started the cracks appearing. I guess he could have been part of the Cabal?

Vidya: Yes, most definitely. And he evidently revealed a huge amount of information about the Cabal. HUGE stuff has happened since. It will all start coming out at some point; and when it does, it’s going to rock many people’s whole sense of reality. They’re going to realize that things they thought were real aren’t real, after all. For people who aren’t awake and haven’t developed a spiritual consciousness, it’s going to be really hard. 

Sue: I have a sense that the world is at war.

Vidya: Yes, on many levels it is. 

Sue: It certainly feels as if the world isn’t a safe place anymore. But what do you say to people who really don’t want to let go of how life was?

Vidya: That old safe world is gone. It’s finished.  But there’s really not a whole lot you can say to some people who aren’t going to want to hear you. All you can do is plant a seed very gently. But if they start pushing back at you, stand back and just love them. That’s the only thing you can do. It’s just fear.

I have learnt to trust my own inner knowing on everything that’s happening in the world at this point. I just put the information I read and hear all out on the table, not believing or disbelieving anything; but over time, my inner knowing lets me know what’s probably true. It’s complicated, because along with the actual conspiracy information, there are also all kinds of conspiracy theories out there. Some people take it too far and make things up. There are also Cabal members who are involved in doing that in order to confuse people. You really have to go inward to know what is true. I generally suggest to people to be informed about the information, take it in — but that it’s not necessary to go all the way down the rabbit hole into the darkness. Keep balanced and centred. 

Sue: With all the breaking downing of structures that are happening, do you believe the veil between the seen and the unseen worlds is getting thinner?

Vidya: Absolutely. That’s all part of what’s happening in the fourth dimension. This is why more of us are receiving information from unseen sources. Those of us who are in the higher levels of the fourth dimension, on our way to the fifth dimension, are dipping in and out of the fifth dimension where there are no veils.

Sue: What would you like to say to somebody who thinks they’re waking up right now? 

Vidya: I’d say: “Welcome, welcome, welcome! I am so pleased you are waking up. It’s joyful.  It’s wonderful. And — it’s hard work. But you can do it. You have everything you need and there’s so much help on the Other Side from your guides, the Ascended Masters, and the Angels. You can call on them, and they will be right with you. The Pleiadeans are especially easy to call in. They’re right here giving us information, strength and healing. So, I would say, open up to this new world and be prepared to know that you’re here not only as a Light Worker, but probably also as a Light Warrior, because this is what you signed up to be. 

A note from Sue: Thank you for visiting this page. You may be interested in my Granny Mo children’s books, which help adults to talk with children about death and dying, and my books for adults on death and dying may help as well. You can also listen to a host of fascinating guests on my Embracing Your Mortality podcast and enjoy reading their interviews on my blog.

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  1. Wow, I just stumbled across this conversation by chance. Most, if not all of what you are talking about align with my very own personal beliefs. These are beliefs that were handed to me, and within the last three years, I stopped being frightening by them. And also things i have learned in 45 years of life journey. Glad to read about this, thank you.

  2. I agree with everything you said also. I went through a major Dark Night of the Soul about 20 years ago. I got to a point where I was so detached from everything and everyone that I could care less whether the world ended or not. The material/physical world became totally meaningless. It was a weird feeling yet freeing at the same time. I purged a TON of old stuff during that time and many internal changes took place as a result. Then I was guided to return to the practical world and resume my life/work etc… It took a while and it wasn’t that easy because I found the “real world” so negative. My spiritual journey has continued and continues to this day. I’ve been doing inner work for the past 30 years or so… a long and arduous process… so I’m hoping that I will ascend to 5D but I do find the thought of it scary leaving everything behind. I’m not materialistic but I take much comfort in my “3D creature comforts”. I would like to know what happens to our homes, our belongings, our investments, etc… when we ascend to New Earth? Does everything disappear as if it never existed or does it get left behind and WE “disappear”? Since we’re ascending in the same physical body (some of us anyway), where does all the Old Earth stuff go? I’ve worked so hard (struggling to this day financially) and sacrificed SO much in this lifetime so that I could have a more comfortable and enjoyable life when I retire which is why the thought of losing it all is distressing. Any thoughts on this? That said, I’ve been aware and complaining about the corruption, greed, inequality, bigpharma, etc.. forever, so I know that I want to leave all that negativity behind.

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