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Living Fully, Dying Consciously steps into the heart of the human condition to explore why our entire life s a psychological and spiritual preparation for death.

The D-Word: talking about dying tackles the awkwardness and embarrassment that many people experience when confronted by someone who is dying, and to explore different ways to open up often difficult and distressing conversations. The book  is used in many end-of-life care training programmes, and is recommended reading for m

The D-Word provides valuable help and guidance on how to open up difficult conversations about end of life and death and dying.

any trainee nurses and medical staff.  Sue was also interviewed about it on Woman’s Hour, Talking about dying with Jane Garvy (Tuesday, 28 June 201

Now available on Amazon kindle and via paperback. This invaluable booklet provides information on what happens as someone enters their dying process. All the information in the brochure can also be accessed through Sue’s death and dying website page.

Regarded as one of the most controversial books about menopause. Over 70 men and women were interviewed to create a colourful and honest account of sex and the menopause.

A note from Sue: Thank you for visiting this page. You may be interested in my Granny Mo children’s books, which help adults to talk with children about death and dying, and my books for adults on death and dying may help as well. You can also listen to a host of fascinating guests on my Embracing Your Mortality podcast and enjoy reading their interviews on my blog.

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