Death and Dying

Welcome to the death and dying resource pages. Please do suggest anything you have found helpful and supportive when experiencing the death of someone close.  We can all learn from each other.  

The brochure is now available on kindle and you can also buy a copy from Amazon. However, you can also access most of the information through the links below.

I am fascinated to see that the most hits I get on the website are for What happens physically when someone dies? followed by How do you know someone is entering their dying process?

It goes to show how sadly ignorant most of us are about what happens at the end of life.  It also make me think about how removed we are from death these days, and how little support is out there to prepare us not just to talk about end of life issues, but to know how to be with someone who is dying.  The following links will help you to feel more in control of what’s happening.

Towards the End
The fear of talking about dying
How do you know when someone is beginning their dying process?
Listening and talking about dying
Practicalities to think about when someone is dying
Recognising what the dying person may be feeling
Sitting with a dying person
Difference between end-of-life experiences and drug-induced hallucinations
What happens physically when someone dies
Things between relatives can often become fraught
Medical Terminology
Summary of important points
Some suggestions for friends of the dying
Advance Directive 

Articles and Recommended Books

Useful Links

Excellent series of short videos on You-Tube talking about dying.

Thank you for visiting this page. You may be interested in my Granny Mo children’s books, which help adults to talk with children about death and dying, and my books for adults on death and dying may help as well. You can also listen to a host of fascinating guests on my Embracing Your Mortality podcast and enjoy reading their interviews on my blog.

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