I hope my website will provide you with practical and thought-provoking information about what it means to be living more consciously for a better world.

If we want to create a better way of living, I believe engaging with our mortality is essential because it reminds us that life is finite.

For me, wearing my mortality with pride is about embracing the pain and the joy of what it means to be alive right now.  So, join with me and start wearing your mortality with pride as well! 

As part of my ‘wear your mortality with pride’ message, I was delighted to give a digital short form TEDx Frome Talk on Wearing Your Mortality with Pride gives Your Life Significance.

I am the author of several books on death and dying, and created the Granny Mo books to help adults and children talk together about end of life issues. I am also the host of Embracing Your Mortality podcast, where I interview guests who, amidst the uncertainty and chaos we are facing, are inspiring all of us to live more consciously for a better world.

How Astrology can help you to find meaning and purpose

Over the past two years I have been studying with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, and now have a busy astrological practice specialising in helping people to identify their life purpose. If you would like to book an astrological reading, please do get in contact.

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