Over the past few years I have been increasingly aware of the shifts and changes that are happening to our planet. Human consciousness is changing too. It has to if we are to survive and make our world a much, much better place.

To address these profound issues, I run Pop-up Death Cafes, workshops, retreats and training programmes which provide a space to share, learn and support each other. I also offer one-to-one sessions either at home in Bradford on Avon, or via Skype. To book an appointment, please contact me.

I do hope you will find all the resources and information on this website is helpful. Just go the relevant buttons on the main menu and a drop-down menu will appear. You can then choose the topics you want to read about.

3_LivingFullyNew1My new book Living Fully, Dying Consciously: the path to Spiritual Wellbeing  (White Crow Publications) is due out early 2020.

Never before has it been so important to consider the meaning of our human existence, and to connect with each other as our planet continues along its path of metamorphic change. Living Fully, Dying Consciously takes us deep into ourselves to discover how we live and how we die really matters – especially during this time of unprecedented challenge.

Life is not easy, but when we accept that we are just passing through this physical existence it puts things into perspective. We start to address our fear of death and what it means to become spiritually awake.  This helps us to understand that our life is a journey of profound learning and, when we are called Home, we take this learning with us. As such, I consider that each one of us is a co-creator in the evolutionary progress of universal consciousness itself. This is not just new age philosophy. Quantum physics has proved the existence of a vibrant transcendent life force which lives within each one of us, providing a new perception of what mortality and immortality actually mean.’

Autumn Pop-up Death Cafes 

Cirencester pop up death cafe:  Saturday 5th October, 2019
Bradford on Avon pop up death cafe: Friday November 22nd 2019
Please contact me if you would like to come