About Sue

Everything changed for me thirty years ago after I survived a light aircraft crash. It made me face up to my mortality and catapulted me onto a profound healing journey. For the past twenty years I have been helping people to transform their relationship with mortality through my end-of-life research, workshops and books on spirituality, consciousness, death and dying.

I have an MA in the Rhetoric and Rituals of Death (King Alfreds, Winchester) and a second MA in Creative Writing (Oxford Brookes). For many years I worked at a therapist, specialising in trauma, end of life issues, bereavement and grief.  I now host Death Cafes on zoom, so please get in touch if you would like to be added to the mailing list.

Over the past few years I have become increasingly aware of the shifts and changes that are happening to our planet. This prompted me to write my latest book, Living Fully, Dying Consciously.  For more information, please go to my Facebook community page Living Consciously for a Better World.


I also offer one-to-one mentoring sessions on zoom, which help clients to connect with their purpose and to explore how their life journey is unfolding. 

And I offer Positive Deep Adaptation support sessions for people who want to talk about the changes that our world is currently experiencing and who may be struggling with fear and confusion.  ‘It was very helpful to talk things through. Sue helped me to see a higher perspective and where my place is within it.’ Penny, London 


The cost for a one hour mentoring session is £45.00. To book an appointment, please get in contact