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The Wonderful World of Granny Mo!

Granny Mo picture books are here to help answer those BIG questions that children often ask about death and dying and loss. This is why these books are a precious resource for any home, nursery, school library, hospice or bereavement organisation.


Jack has a big question about Teddy, which is keeping him wide awake. He wants to know if Teddy is going to die one day, but he’s not sure who to ask about it. This is where Granny Mo comes to the rescue. She knows just what to say and how to say it , so Jack and Teddy can snuggle up together and go to sleep.

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Is Teddy Going To Die? is the perfect book for prompting discussions around getting old and dying with young children. The conversation between Jack and Granny Mo prompted focused conversations using child friendly language that all the children in my class could relate to. It is a thoughtful and gentle introduction to some big questions.

Sarah, pre-K Team Leader and Class Teacher.

We have left it around the children so they can dip in and out with it. It has allowed us to speak to them freely and link in with our current topic where we are talking about life cycles and how our poor caterpillars did not survive. The book is a positive way to help support children’s understanding. An Ofsted inspector was really impressed we are embracing this subject in a natural way to children. 

Charlotte, manager of two Wiltshire pre-schools.

Coming soon: WHERE’S MUMMY GONE?


Phoebe is confused and very sad because she doesn’t know where Mummy’s gone. She’s been searching for her, but she can’t find her, and no-one seems to want to tell her where she is. Granny Mo gently explains that Mummy has died and helps Phoebe to understand the grief and loss she is feeling. Then Granny Mo shows Phoebe how she can connect with Mummy just about anywhere, especially in mirrors, puddles and rainbows. 

How can Granny Mo help?

Most books on death and dying for this age group do not give a direct answer to specific questions that often play on a little person’s mind. These books also tend to use animals rather than realistic scenarios about people. While these books certainly have their place, Granny Mo steps right up beside the grieving child to listen to them and give them support.

There are also very limited resources to help this age group to make sense of what’s happening in their world.

Furthermore, Granny Mo books tie into the Personal, Social and Health (PSGE) curriculum in the following areas:

  • Key Stage 1 (5-7 years) strand of PSHE: H20. Pupils learn about change and loss (including death); to identify feelings associated with this; to recognise what helps people to feel better.
  • H26 Pupils learn about growing and changing from young to old and how people’s needs change.

This is why Granny Mo books are a precious resource for any nursery and pre-school library.

Other ways Granny Mo can help…

Each Granny Mo story ends with a ‘Let’s Explore’ page which encourages children to ask more questions in their own time if they want to. This draws on the inspiring and moving national initiative of bringing together young lives with older generations to share wisdom and insight with each other. 

Granny Mo also provides support for adults. Each book begins with the following guidance:

  • These are big issues for a young child to understand. Take it at their pace, and answer questions as they arise as honestly as you can. 
  • Don’t expect to read the book in one sitting.
  • If they lose interest, put the book aside for a while.
  • Check to see how the child is feeling as they go through the book.
  • Sometimes a child may not ask questions for a long time, but they may be thinking about things. 
  • Support them in knowing it’s okay to feel sad when talking about death and dying.
  • Reading this book may also bring up feelings for you as the reader, so take good care of yourself. 
  • It’s okay if you feel too uncomfortable to read this book with a young child. But see if you can find someone who is willing to do so.

More about Granny Mo

Granny Mo is not a witch. So, please don’t call her one because it makes her very cross. Granny Mo comes from the stars and her interstellar family are full of cosmic diversity – her mother is from the Pleiades and her father is from Rigel, bottom-most right-hand star in the constellation of Orion’s belt. On a clear night you can take a peek at both these constellations through a telescope. 

Due to her mixed interstellar lineage, Granny Mo is very aware that diversity of all kinds exists throughout the Universe as well as on Earth. When Granny Mo is not visiting children on Earth and helping them with their big life questions, she lives on a planet near the galaxy of Andromeda, located on the edge of our very own Milky Way galaxy. You can see the beautiful swirls of Andromeda if you look really carefully through the telescope.

How Granny Mo got her name 

Right from the start, Granny Mo knew she wanted to help the children from Earth. For those who come from the stars, the title ‘Granny’ is full of gravitas – similar to having Dr in front of your name but much more important. 

When Granny Mo was born, her parents could see she was really special. So, they gave her a name that vibrated to the sound of ‘Om’ (Mo the other way round), said to be the first sound to be heard when the Universe burst into life 13 billion years ago.

Granny Mo’s core values are all about honouring and respecting the feelings and experiences of young children especially when they are confronted by death, bereavement and loss. 

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