Almost off on my IVHQ adventures!

Almost there.  Within 48 hours (all going well) I will be at Mumbai airport, boarding the two hour Kingfisher flight to Delhi.

I am feeling a mixture of excitement and anxiety, but good news!  The EFT tapping seems to have worked.  The prospect of a nine hour flight to India does not fill me with the usual dread (although, of course, I might feel differently as I clip my seatbelt on for take-off).  So a heartfelt thank you to Eva, and keep at it.  There’s lots of nervous folk out there who need your help.

The build up to my departure has been a delightful slowing down, seeing lots of friends, and having a  jolly good clearing out.  There is not a cupboard in the house which has not had me bottom up, hurling things over my shoulder into the charity bag or into another one labelled ‘the dump.’  Some of this stuff has been with me for years, festering in drawers rarely opened and even, shamefully, moving house with me eight years ago.  I guess you can only get rid of things when you’re ready. Continue reading “Almost off on my IVHQ adventures!”

Countdown to IVHQ adventures and dealing with fear of turbulence

It’s count down to my big IVHQ (International Volunteer Headquarters) Indian/Vietnam adventure.

In nine days I climb aboard my flight to Mumbai, and hope to catch the connecting Kingfisher flight to Delhi a few hours after my arrival.  That’s not looking too hopeful at the moment.  Kingfisher pilots are striking because they haven’t been paid for a while.

Oh well, that’s travelling for you. But there’s always the Mumbai Rajdhani Express from Mumbai Central station to New Delhi. It takes a good eighteen hours but I love the magic and mayhem of Indian rail journeys and the food is always sensational – although the loos can be interesting. Continue reading “Countdown to IVHQ adventures and dealing with fear of turbulence”

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