Coronavirus: it won’t wipe us out, but it is a much needed dose of humility

I have been thinking a lot about hubris recently, sparked off by the global panic surrounding Coronavirus. Hubris comes from the Greek word Hyris which loosely means provoking the wrath of the gods through arrogance, foolish pride and over-confidence, resulting in the transgressor experiencing a painful reminder of their mortality.

That’s what I think is happening to humanity right now. We have got way above ourselves and, metaphorically speaking, the gods are throwing Coronavirus at us as a sharp reminder of the vulnerability of the human condition and the impermanence of life.

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Bob Dylan, Ryan Giggs, and the role of hubris

I have never understood why people rave about Bob Dylan.  His voice has always set my teeth on edge, and I’ve never been able to get beyond it.

Apart from, that is, his song, Lay Lady Lay. As soon as I hear it, I am straight back to 1971, in that pokey little room on the second floor of the antiquated nurses’ home where I lived for the first year of my nursing training, singing lustily along with my friend, Liz.

So, the fact that Dylan turned 70 this week means little to me. However, I did sit up and take notice when I read about the interview he did with his friend Robert Shelton, many years ago while flying back from a concert in his private jet.

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