Solitude Equals Home

Every six weeks I run a consciousness meeting for a group of women who want to talk about what really matters. The theme of solitude was chosen by a group member who is planning to run a retreat early in the new year. She wanted to explore how the rest of us experience solitude.

Those in a relationship or living with family spoke about solitude as a gift because spending time alone often has to be fought for. One participant said, ‘I have only recently started to live with my partner, and I am noticing that although I love sharing my life with him, I miss the quiet of having my own space. So, when I get those moments, it is like pure gold.’

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Loneliness: a Spiritual Odyssey

unknown-3I’ve been thinking a lot about loneliness recently. Christmas and New Year are a good time for that. It’s so easy to fall into some kind of envy that makes you feel that your life is less than everyone else’s and separates you even from yourself.

I imagine like many of you reading this, I have suffered from bouts of loneliness throughout my life. For me loneliness isn’t just one feeling. Sometimes it’s like a dark heaviness that creeps into my heart and stays there, brooding. Sometimes it can be so intense that it paralyses any sense of self. At other times the feeling of separation can be so unbearable it can make me wish I wasn’t here at all.

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