Came home with a little more than just memories

Body floating next to bathers in Ganges

It’s a mean little  bug that’s laid me very low and stopped my back-packing adventures mid-flight.

I have no idea how I caught it – it could be due to the extremely hot weather, or something waterborn from the Ganges (hardly surprising), or perhaps some microbe living in the filthy backstreets, or maybe it was the result of six weeks hard travelling (I was the only woman of 60 backpacking that I knew of)  – but one day I was fine and looking forward to moving onto Vietnam, and the next I was most certainly not.

I had had enough of Varanasi by the time I fell sick, and  I was determined to catch the one hour flight back Delhi so I could at least hole up in the Anoop Hotel for a couple of days before my flight was due to leave for Hanoi. Continue reading “Came home with a little more than just memories”

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