Rhonda’s advice for older volunteers

Rhonda – a rare species!

I knew the average age for an IVHQ volunteer is mid to late twenties, but I hadn’t expected older volunteers (people over fifty) to be such a rare breed.

Therefore I was delighted to bump into Rhonda, a gutsy fifty-five year old Australian, who has been volunteering in different parts of India for several years. I asked her how many older volunteers she had encountered during her travels.

‘One’, she said. ‘A woman in her sixties, and not one single older man.’

We both agreed this was a shame, and decided it could be due to a lack of information aimed specifically at this age group.

So, over a long cool Kingfisher beer, I asked Rhonda for any advice she would give an older person who might be thinking of signing up as a volunteer (although what follows is sound guidance for anyone planning a trip). Continue reading “Rhonda’s advice for older volunteers”

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