I never imagined I could have a serious stroke at the age of 43.

In February 2020, Adam Cormack had a life altering stroke at the age of forty-three. This is his inspirational story about his recovery to give us all hope and courage as we move into 2021 – and all that it will bring to our door.

Adam works for The Woodland Trust environmental charity as head of campaigning. It’s a demanding job involving a fair amount of travelling, developing case work on trees and wood that are under threat and running campaigns to influence government spending and government policies for trees and woods. It’s work, which he says he loves, although he admits, ‘it’s kind of never ending really.’ He was back to full-time work by July. Adam is also dad to three young daughters aged eight, twelve and fourteen.

Adam joined the Woodland Trust in 2019. Before that, he’d been working for about a decade with The Wildlife Trust.  After graduating in American Studies  he played in a band for a few years, touring and releasing records. When it became clear this was going to be a really hard way to earn a living, Adam started following his other passion for the outdoors and the environment, which he has been doing for the past decade or so. 

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Fighting for change, and a dose of reality

Wandering around an old Cotswold church during a delightful Sunday excursion on our tandem bicycle a Christian Aid poster of a destitute Kenyan woman from a Nairobi slum caught my eye. The wording said, ‘I pray for change. I believe in change. I believe in having the heart of a fighter. I believe fighters expect change.’

It unsettled me.  Of course people living in poverty deserve help. But it did make me wonder about the feasibility of such enormous change considering how unstable our world seems to have become.

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