Yoga was like a dawning for me.

Ben Parkes, also known as YogaBen, has been teaching and practising yoga for over twenty years. He trained with Swami Ambikananda. She, herself, trained with Swami Venkatesananda whose lineage goes up to Sivananda.  Ben has been my teacher for the past five years and I have found his yoga lessons an inspiration both physically and spiritually. Therefore, I am delighted that Ben agreed to add his voice to this series of interviews with people willing to share their wisdom about what it takes to live more consciously for a better world. I firmly believe that yoga makes a powerful contribution to this.  

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Nuclear Meltdown, Yoga, and a Marriage on the Rocks

Tuesday, this week, was one of those days.

I, like the rest of the world, woke up to the worrying news that another reactor had blown up in Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant.  Then I got on my bicycle and cycled to yoga.

During the lesson I upended myself into a shoulder lift, and wondered how many Japanese were doing yoga or something similar when the earthquake struck.  I got myself down and heard a commotion in the corner.  A fellow student was lying prone, her friend holding her arm, clearly greatly concerned. Swift action was taken. An ambulance worker arrived, and the rest of us were sent to wait in the changing room. A few minutes later our teacher came to tell us the student had had a stroke, and was in the process of being taken to hospital.

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