Welcome to my website. My aim is to provide practical, down-to-earth  information on how to talk more openly and 3 quarter photohonestly about the way we age, how we deal with increasing later-life crises, and how we approach the end of our lives. 

I do hope you will find the resources and information helpful.  Just go the relevant buttons on the main menu and a drop-down menu  will appear. You can then choose the topics you want to read about.


My book Sex, Meaning and the Menopause tackles the difficult changes that we face as we cross over to becoming older women.

The D-Word: Talking about Dying and Nearing the End of Life: A guide for relatives, friends and carers provide information on how to talk about end of life issues. You can find further information about all three publications from Sue’s Books, on the main menu.

Please do feel free to contact me. I  welcome comments and stories of your own experiences, whether that’s about the end of life, the menopause, or how so many babyboomers are now being confronted by later-life crisis.