‘I look at myself as just the instrument – I’m the channel.’

Little Bird

Psychic work and mediumship are regarded with such suspicion and disrespect in our western culture. I find this really sad because for indigenous people and for those who follow pagan, shamanic and mystical traditions connecting with the spirit world is a fundamental part of their spiritual practice. However, it’s interesting how many people are now turning to the writings of great seers and esoteric teachers such as NostradamusEdgar CayceAlice Bailey and Delores Cannon, all of whom worked with the spirit world and foretold a time around the 2020s when our known world would undergo drastic changes; humanity would be faced with a choice of either resisting these changes or moving into a higher consciousness.

In February 2020 – seemingly out of nowhere – the entire world was closed down by the Covid pandemic, which is creating immense chaos and uncertainty, and challenging the very roots of Western civilisation. So, I am delighted to have this opportunity to talk with Little Bird who is a highly respected psychic and medium about her work and the pandemic and how she helps people to live consciously for a better world.

For the past twenty-two years Little Bird has worked as a psychic counsellor and medium. She began this work following a profound near-death experience while critically ill in intensive care. She adopted the name Little Bird sixteen years ago after her much adored mother, who was dying of cancer, told to her, ‘You remind me of a little bird – flitting here and there!’  Little Bird also runs development circles and classes from where she works just outside Winchcombe in Gloucestershire. She is surprised by how busy she has been since the lockdown and how many people are making appointments who do not live in her area. She therefore offers sessions via Facetime or on the phone.

To make an appointment with Little Bird, please call or text 07521 761179. 

Sue: Little Bird, I am interested to find out how these Covid changes are affecting your work and whether you personally saw it coming. But first, I want to ask how you started working in this area. 

Little Bird: I’ve always been able to link to spirit even from a very young age.  I could talk to people my parents couldn’t see and this carried on all the way through my childhood.  I lost interest as a teenager. I didn’t want to feel different so I decided I didn’t want whatever was happening with me. As soon as I made this decision everything seemed to turn off.  I became exceptionally rebellious but eventually I got married.  I wanted to be classed as ‘normal’ although of course I now realise there is no such thing as normal. But normality at that point of my life was about getting married and having children. I thought that would make me feel more acceptable.  However, even though I wasn’t ‘seeing’ anymore, I knew I could still link with spirit through thought. But you know, when spirit calls to you and you don’t listen, it makes you listen!  At the age of forty I developed toxic septicaemia. I was so ill that I actually died – I call it going over to the other side – but I came back again with a profound knowing that I had to start working as a psychic and medium. 

Sue: Do you remember what happened to you when you ‘died’?

Little Bird: I was in intensive care, and I remember looking at the clock and seeing it was 10.30 am. At the time, the medical staff were trying to get blood out of me. They were really struggling to find somewhere to put a line into a vein, but as they finally found somewhere – I think it was my hand – something told me I was going. I knew I was dying.  I remember walking through this place which at first was white and then it turned into a very blue light. I wasn’t floating – it wasn’t a floating experience – it was literally like moving forward.  

I then came to this circle of pure white light and I could see my grandpa who had died a short while ago. I absolutely adored him, and here he was stood by a tree with his foot up against the tree trunk. He held his arms open to me and as I went into them, I felt an ecstasy I have never experienced before. I realised afterwards it was unconditional love. He told me he was okay and that I was okay.  We didn’t move from the tree so I said to him, ‘Can we go?’ But he said, ‘No’ – I had to go back. I can remember being distraught by the thought of returning to life. All that mattered to me was being with him and I could feel this incredible love flooding over me. It felt so wonderful. Then he said again, ‘You have to go back. There are things to do and your family needs you.’ The next thing I knew I was back in intensive care and I had all these doctors and nurses around me. I tried to pull the oxygen mask off, but they stopped me.  From that moment onwards I started to get better. 

Sue: How long did it take you to recover from such a serious illness? 

Little Bird: The doctors were amazed by how fast I recovered. They couldn’t get over it. They kept coming to check my blood flow with a scanning machine – my blood flow was literally that of an athlete!  They put it down to the fact that before I was so ill, I had been eating nothing else except fresh fruit and vegetables and a little fish, but no sugar. They reckoned this was why my recovery was so quick. I was another six weeks or so in hospital and then it was around another five months before I was back to work. 

Sue: So, how did you begin your work as a medium and psychic? 

Little Bird:  My consultant had told me that I should get some alternative medicine because he had done as much as he could for me. Then a friend told me she had been to see a healer and I felt I needed to see her too. As soon as I walked into the room the healer said to me, ‘Do you have any concept of how spiritually connected you are?’ I said I did, but I wasn’t interested. At that point I still wasn’t willing to acknowledge it. 

She said, ‘When you are ready, I will mentor you,’ and then she gave me some healing. I went back again to see her about a month later, and that’s when I said, ‘Yes, please, I would like you to be my mentor.’ 

Sue: That’s an incredible story! What form did this mentoring take with your healer? 

Little Bird:  I sat in circle with her and she helped me to understand the protection levels – how to open and close my chakras. I realised that the connection I had with spirit had always been there. So, I wasn’t reconnecting to spirit. I was reconnecting with myself.  I began to read for people and it just came so naturally to me.  

Sue: Can you explain the difference between psychic abilities and mediumship skills, in case people don’t understand. 

Little Bird: Mediumship is when your connection is actually in the spiritual realms and you can receive messages from people who are dead. You can either see them or feel them.  I describe it as a knowing that they are there. They can also talk to you, but it’s in your head normally rather than in your ears. Working psychically means you are actually connecting to the whole source – not just connecting with those in spirit. You are receiving messages, but you are not ‘seeing’ the spiritual realms. 

Sue: Obviously people are really interested in the Covid pandemic. Did you receive any warning messages or visions that something like this was about to happen?

Little Bird:  Well, yes, I do have these experiences where I am informed of what’s happening in the human collective. 

Sue: Can you give an example? 

Little Bird: With the situation that we’re in now, I was told through the spirit realms – as a lot of other psychics and mediums have been told – that this has been sent to us to help us to see a way of making it easier for us to live in the world. It’s a time to stop all this greed for power and control and to give the Earth a chance to breathe again. The Earth has stopped breathing – she has tried in so many ways to get us to notice what was happening –  for us to slow down. 

Sue: Did you get any sense there would be a pandemic before it happened? 

Little Bird: No, no, but I had these feelings of being out of sorts. I was still connected to spirit and able to do my work, but I felt everything was unbalanced. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on and I kept asking spirit. But there was no answer and I do believe that we shouldn’t always have the answers, because what are we going to do about it anyway?

Sue: I guess a lot of people would have expected you to know because after all you work as a clairvoyant and you ‘should’ know. Did you get a lot of that?

Little Bird: Oh, yes! I have had that a lot. Of course, I understand how people could feel and think this because the idea of a clairvoyant is that you can see into the future – that’s what people believe.  But you’re not seeing into the future. What you’re actually doing when you are working with people is being given information to help guide them with their life and the choices they make – everyone has free will choice.  

When I first started working – I think most mediums and clairvoyants go through this at some point – I got this overwhelming feeling of, ‘Oh my goodness, I should be able to connect with spirit and make sure I pass on a message to this person or that person and everybody else.’ But my belief system is that we have no right to do this. We do not have that right to randomly go around saying, ‘Well I know what the future is.’  We don’t actually know what the future is. We are here to help people who want to come to us to hear from someone who has passed over or to get some clarity on where they are going in their life.  So, we can’t foresee the ‘future.’ And we certainly can’t foresee our own future. Actually, I find this quite frustrating at times!  But we are given messages in the way of dreams and things like that and it’s up to us to go forward with them. With everyone who comes to see me, I look at myself as just the instrument – I’m the channel. 

Sue: That’s really interesting about not foreseeing the future. Where do you feel the great seers like Dolores Cannon or Edgar Cayce, or even Alice Bailey’s esoteric teachings fit into this? Most of their work was very future orientated.

Little Bird:  I believe that they were all connected at a level which I class as Source; working with Source. There are many different spiritual realms that you go through to get to Source, and I believe these people were higher level teachers who incarnated to give us this information. 

Sue:  Yes, it feels as they provided us with pointers and then they went home again.

Karen: Quite!

Sue: I am still curious about what you say about not foreseeing the future. When I came to see you in February for a reading, you said something to me which really stuck with me. You said I needed to take care of my health for the next few months. I remember thinking, ‘What is she talking about – I’m as healthy as anything.’ Then Covid happened and of course I had to take care of my health – along with everyone else on the planet! I am wondering whether you were aware of saying that to me, and if you said similar things to other people. 

 Little Bird: I’ve been told by quite a few people that I did this – one client in particular said I had told her that her child would not be in school for several months because of a situation, and that she must protect her child by not putting them in school. So, I was saying some very strange things, but I had no concept of why I was being given these messages.  I trust the spiritual realms so much that I just give what they ask me to give. You never question it. You never go back and say, ‘Why are you talking like this – this woman thinks I’m nuts!’  I feel very much that my trust has to be in them [spirit] as they put their trust in me and to act responsibly with those messages coming through. Everything is in confidence. I am aware that people who come to see me are fragile, so I am trusting with what I am being given. As the ‘channel’ it’s about putting forward the message with compassion. 

Sue: Do you experience these messages landing like a sentence in your head or does it just go straight out of your mouth without you being aware of it? 

Little Bird: The majority of the time it’s like I have a 3D picture playing in my head and I just speak it. I don’t remember what I have said either so within minutes of the person going the whole thing is wiped. But I am aware that I am giving very precise, clear and often tiny details from people on the other side. These are details you couldn’t possibly know, but these are the things that people pick up on. For instance, they recognise my movements or the way I talk is just like the person who has died. So, in a way the person who has died takes over. 

Sue:  You are known for your mediumship skills, so I understand that many of your clients come to see you to connect with relatives and friends who have died. But I am interested whether the reason people come to see you has changed since Covid arrived? 

Little Bird:  I still have clients who want mediumship, but I’ve been getting a lot of people who are wanting to know or wanting clarity on where they’re going future wise. These are often people who have no concept of how talented they are. A lot of them are already working and linking with the spiritual realms, but not sure which way to go with it – but all of them have a desire to help other people.  

So, since Covid arrived there is a different quality to the sessions. These are people who have a strong feeling that they need to move forward in some way. Most want to step outside the roles they are in and find a creative way to help others – and to help the environment as well. A lot also come about health and nutrition. But this is not about financial gain – which, of course, may come – but it’s about what they can give first. I find this really interesting because I believe the collective consciousness is changing from being led by ambition: getting the new car, having sixteen credit cards and the next big house to, ‘I want to be creative. I want to be myself.’

Sue: So, it’s about taking the mask off.

Little Bird: Yes, that’s exactly it – it’s ripping the mask away.  It’s about, ‘I am not that. I am not the mask. I am here underneath.’ There’s such a joy in it – a joyous feeling of anticipation and excitement of where they are heading.  It’s always been in there, but it’s been hidden away – they’ve not had faith in themselves – and now its like this is right; ‘I am going to do this – I am going to help people by doing it.’ 

Sue:  It sounds as if it’s all about connection. 

Little Bird: Yes, it is. Someone said a few weeks ago it’s how I connect with people – they acknowledge they can connect with the information I’m giving them – and a lot of people say it’s like I am in their head. But since Covid happened I can’t see clients face to face, I work on the phone or on Facetime – technology has given us this gift to connect with people from all over the place.  But I find this difficult because I like being able to be with someone so I can console them if its needed – give them a hug if they want one. Giving readings is a very personal thing and lots of people are exceptionally fragile – so it’s important for the person to feel they are in a safe environment so they can feel okay releasing what’s going on for them or they are talking about someone they loved who has passed over. 

Sue:  We are going through such enormous changes. Do you feel you are being asked to work differently by spirit, or there’s more information coming through for you to pass onto your clients? 

Little Bird: Yes, I do feel that there is more information coming through – it’s more precise. But on the level of Covid, I have this feeling that I am just one person in a whole group of people who are looking at things differently. A lot of us are thinking, ‘Well I like the fact that the air is clearer and I’m feeling more alive because I am not under so much pressure.’ Some people who have been working really hard are saying, ‘Hang on a minute, I need to start finding balance now.’  I think this is going to happen for a lot of people. I certainly believe there is a massive group movement going on to raise levels of consciousness without even knowing we are doing it a lot of the time. I think this is a good thing because Spirit doesn’t support arrogance and superiority. This is about people learning how to give of themselves so they can move forward.  

Sue: The great seers spoke of massive change which will peak during the mid 2020s and this would mark a time for collective change. I find it really interesting that people are increasingly coming to you because they want to do things differently. 

Little Bird:  Yes, and I believe there’s still a bit of a road ahead. I think next year [2021] will be on a much calmer level but there will also be excitement with the way so many people will have moved forward to do things differently.  I also think lots more people will want to stay in this country rather than keep going abroad – they will want to make the most of all the beautiful things we have in this country which maybe we haven’t noticed before. It’s about finding a way to be calm and sit outside or go for walk – that’s one the most important things we can do for ourselves – and getting rid of ‘stuff’ we don’t need. It’s all about finding balance. 

Sue: I am really with you on this. I am finding so many people are saying, ‘I don’t want to go back to life how it was.’  But what is opening up is this total unknown and human beings are not great with the unknown! 

Little Bird:  That’s the problem. People don’t like change because it creates fear. It’s the fear of stepping out.  So it’s about helping them to take that first step – and confirming to them how amazing they are, and how they can achieve so much by living their dream rather than pushing it aside. Of course, we still have free choice – there are lots of people who don’t want to do this – but I do believe we are all co-creators of the greater good. 

Sue:  Free choice is an interesting one. Dolores Cannon was very clear that we’re going to be divide into two worlds; people who choose to do things differently and other people who don’t. 

Little Bird:  I don’t think we will know how things are going to go yet. 

Sue: Many people are really struggling financially because of Covid.  Do you have any messages about this or is this something that isn’t being given to you?  

Little Bird: I think the problem is that many people look at money as the ‘enemy.’  They look at it as an issue or a problem. But if you look at money as an exchange of energy rather than a problem it becomes much more free flowing. It’s not about not having money – we have to have money to survive. So, money isn’t going to disappear, but I see people helping each other on a level of gifting. For example, hypothetically Sarah down the road grows beautiful flowers and I need to make wedding bouquets. Personally, I can made clothes – and Sarah needs new clothes for her kids. So, there’s a gifting exchange: I get the flowers and Sarah has clothes for her children. I think we will be doing this more and more. The problem is that people use money as a controlling mechanism, and there’s a power and greed that goes with money. I think this is what will change. People who earn a lot of money are finding things out of balance, but they are not quite sure what they are supposed to do at the moment.  I haven’t been ‘told’ this, I just feel this will change. 

Sue: This series of interviews is called Living Consciously for a Better World. Where do you feel the work you do fits into this?  

Little Bird: I believe increasingly that people will want guidance on the way they are stepping out of one-dimensional way of living and into another one.  This is where it’s going to more forward – providing clarification and safety for them to make those decision from a level of what they are feeling inside. Safety is really important because Joe Bloggs down the road could laugh their heads off at them and tell them they are crazy for wanting to live differently. 

Actually, I believe we will be connecting more to consciousness as a whole.  I think there will be a lot more guidance that way and I think a lot more people will be able to access it.  It’s always been there. I just think they’ve been closed off to it.  It’s about learning to live in the moment and enjoying that moment no matter what going on. I think that’s how it’s going to work.  

Sue: What does living consciously for a better world mean for you personally? 

 Little Bird: The biggest thing I feel is that I’m just one person and I make mistakes, I cry, I’m happy. I’ve got joy. I do all the things that we do as humans.  But it’s about working with myself so I can connect more deeply to others – to be more open. I believe that’s when consciousness will also become more open. It’s making a concerted effort to care and be compassionate towards the human race and with animals. My goodness me, there’s a massive thing going on with animals as well. 

I think that’s how it’s going to affect me. I don’t want anything apart from my family to be happy, and I want love to flow with everybody. It’s not about thinking you can change people. They have to make their own decisions about what it means to them to live more consciously.  

Sue: I’m interested in the role that intuition takes in this. We are sitting on thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning which hasn’t allowed us to connect with who are. Traditionally we have been taught that we have this physical body and then we die. But I think our relationship with intuition is beginning to really come into the collective, yet a lot of us don’t know what intuition means.  

Little Bird:  As children we all have intuition – children don’t even think about it – it’s just there. But as soon as the child starts to grow up it’s put to one side because they have to conform. That’s really sad. We all have it within us – we just need to trust it and believe it. 

Sue: It’s people’s intuition which brings them to you! 

Little Bird:  Yes, that’s very true! I believe one of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to meditate. Meditation has turned into this big ‘thing’, but you don’t have to sit in one position. It can be done when you’re out walking in nature or just sitting down relaxing. It is such a natural thing to open up to yourself, even if you are not consciously doing so. It’s a case of allowing yourself to open to your mind and experience new things by connecting to the Earth, to the planet and to Spirit – or whatever you want this to be. This Covid lockdown is making us see the beauty of the spring. It makes us feel kindness and to appreciate how wonderful it is to slow down. 

Sue: Yes, I believe this lockdown-slow-down has also helped us to clear up our psyches. I am very aware that when we are surrounded by other people, we are being bombarded by their thought forms. And, thought forms are alive and full of potent energy. Personally, it’s taken quite a while to clear them out from my own psyche. I feel so much clearer in my head these days. I wondered if you have any comment on this.  

Little Bird: I totally agree with you. This clarity helps us to be much more telepathic with each other. It’s going to be really interesting to see how people’s minds get filled up again when they go back to work or to all that busyness.  

To make an appointment with Little Bird, please call or text 07521 761179. 

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