‘Even our bodies have come out of the earth.’

Clare Dubois

49 year-old Clare Dubois is the courageous, passionate and dedicated founder of TreeSisters. Clare acknowledges that her whole life has been about the healing the feminine in the face of patriarchy. This stems from a very difficult childhood growing up with ‘an unbelievably horrendous misogynistic father.’ Life for Clare has been one of recovery from the hands of the masculine and this has been the inspiration for her to help women to heal.  

Clare’s journey to set up TreeSisters is both remarkable and quite terrifying yet also magical and mystical. I hope you will be equally motivated, touched and encouraged by reading her story as I was when interviewing her. 

I’ve had a lifetime of illness and struggle to recover from patriarchy but I am recovering. If I can recover and I am the planet, then the planet can recover too.

Clare Dubois
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Granny Mo comes alive!

I am delighted to announce that the first book in the Granny Mo series, which helps parents and carers of young children to talk about death and dying, will be published in January 2021.

More news to follow!

Talking With Children About the Future.

I have been having quite a few conversations with concerned parents about the best way to address their child’s fear of the changes that are taking place in our world. We all want a bright future for our children to enjoy, but the way things are turning out, it’s getting harder for us to imagine this bright future and our children are finding it increasingly difficult too. So how do we prepare ourselves to have these heart rendering conversations with ones so young?

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Out of the Box: everyday stories about death and dying

Liz Rothschild

Liz Rothschild is a life and death celebrant, writer and performer.  She started Westmill Woodland Burial Ground in 2000. It is located on a beautiful organic farm on the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire border looking up to the ancient Uffington White Horse. Liz is founder of the Kicking the Bucket Festival held in Oxford roughly every two years.

Liz’s funny, moving and informative book, Outside of the Box – Everyday Stories of Death, Bereavement and Life, is to be launched by PCCS Books on Thursday November 26th 6.15 – 8.00pm. To book for this free online event, please click on this link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/outside-the-box-everyday-stories-of-death-bereavement-and-life-tickets-128091776953

Please contact Liz through: www.woodlanburialwestmill.co.uk | www.fullcircleproductions.org.uk |www.kickingthebucket.co.uk

NOW! Read on to hear about Liz’s amazing contributions to our understanding of death and dying  and also to have a sneak preview of her forthcoming book. 

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Yoga was like a dawning for me.

Ben Parkes, also known as YogaBen, has been teaching and practising yoga for over twenty years. He trained with Swami Ambikananda. She, herself, trained with Swami Venkatesananda whose lineage goes up to Sivananda.  Ben has been my teacher for the past five years and I have found his yoga lessons an inspiration both physically and spiritually. Therefore, I am delighted that Ben agreed to add his voice to this series of interviews with people willing to share their wisdom about what it takes to live more consciously for a better world. I firmly believe that yoga makes a powerful contribution to this.  

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Time to stop broadcasting and start listening

Following a successful first career in hardback book publishing and journalism, and taking a career break to have her two daughters, Ruth trained as a coach in the mid-1990’s mentoring young people into new jobs at post university level. She discovered the power of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment® in 2007 while in an exciting if short-lived role at Future Prospect, a private mentoring start-up. Ruth began her Thinking Environment® training with Nancy Kline in January 2008 and describes it as ‘transformational.’

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I just woke up with the Light

As soon as Dr Alan Hugenot finished school, he was drafted into the Vietnam War and joined the navy. This introduced him to a love of ships, which led to a distinguished career as a naval architect. In 1970 – five years before Raymond Moody published his book Life after Life and coined the phrase Near Death Experience (NDE) – Alan experienced an NDE during a coma while in intensive care following a serious motorbike accident which left him hospitalised for 33 days.

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‘Community lies at the heart of the way we go forward.’

It’s been quite a journey for Pete Lawrence from the days of Cooking Vinyl and creating the Big Chill music festival to igniting the sparks for Campfire Convention. Pete doesn’t particularly like the title ‘activist,’ but to my mind he is one of the great social movers and shakers of our time. He set up Campfire Convention in 2016 to bring music, nature and people together in community both online and in real life (although that’s had to take a back seat for now), with a focus on what it means to give back to each other, to our communities and to the planet. 

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