Yoga was like a dawning for me.

Ben Parkes, also known as YogaBen, has been teaching and practising yoga for over twenty years. He trained with Swami Ambikananda. She, herself, trained with Swami Venkatesananda whose lineage goes up to Sivananda.  Ben has been my teacher for the past five years and I have found his yoga lessons an inspiration both physically and spiritually. Therefore, I am delighted that Ben agreed to add his voice to this series of interviews with people willing to share their wisdom about what it takes to live more consciously for a better world. I firmly believe that yoga makes a powerful contribution to this.  

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Time to stop broadcasting and start listening

Following a successful first career in hardback book publishing and journalism, and taking a career break to have her two daughters, Ruth trained as a coach in the mid-1990’s mentoring young people into new jobs at post university level. She discovered the power of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment® in 2007 while in an exciting if short-lived role at Future Prospect, a private mentoring start-up. Ruth began her Thinking Environment® training with Nancy Kline in January 2008 and describes it as ‘transformational.’

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I just woke up with the Light

As soon as Dr Alan Hugenot finished school, he was drafted into the Vietnam War and joined the navy. This introduced him to a love of ships, which led to a distinguished career as a naval architect. In 1970 – five years before Raymond Moody published his book Life after Life and coined the phrase Near Death Experience (NDE) – Alan experienced an NDE during a coma while in intensive care following a serious motorbike accident which left him hospitalised for 33 days.

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‘Community lies at the heart of the way we go forward.’

It’s been quite a journey for Pete Lawrence from the days of Cooking Vinyl and creating the Big Chill music festival to igniting the sparks for Campfire Convention. Pete doesn’t particularly like the title ‘activist,’ but to my mind he is one of the great social movers and shakers of our time. He set up Campfire Convention in 2016 to bring music, nature and people together in community both online and in real life (although that’s had to take a back seat for now), with a focus on what it means to give back to each other, to our communities and to the planet. 

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‘My body’s going to stop, not me!’

Colin died on Monday 7th September 2020.

I have always been interested in engines and vehicles’ says sixty-five-year old retired Royal Naval Artificer Colin Gilbert, who is also fascinated by energy lines, Spirit and life force energy and has been a practicing dowser for many years. Until recently, he was an avid member of the Silver Ring Choir in Bath and believes that the purest sound that your body can be subjected to is the sound of your own voice. For the past decade he has been on an increasingly profound inner journey following a diagnosis for prostate cancer which he calls his ‘little tissue issue.’ Colin speaks candidly about how his spiritual beliefs have helped him overcome his fear of death and how this has deepened his understanding of the transition that awaits us all. I first met Colin when he took part in a zoom death café that I facilitated. 

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From Menarche to Menopause

 Alexandra Pope is co-founder of the Red School and co-author of Wild Power. Alexandra and her co-founder and co-author Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer are passionate about educating and empowering women on the psychological and spiritual forces that are held within the menstrual cycle process and the menopause.  

Menopause: the great awakener: Red School is launching their live on-line menopause course in late October 2020. 

Sue: It’s such a pleasure to talk with you about your extraordinary work helping women to empower themselves through their menstrual cycle. How did you start doing this?

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‘I look at myself as just the instrument – I’m the channel.’

Little Bird

Psychic work and mediumship are regarded with such suspicion and disrespect in our western culture. I find this really sad because for indigenous people and for those who follow pagan, shamanic and mystical traditions connecting with the spirit world is a fundamental part of their spiritual practice. However, it’s interesting how many people are now turning to the writings of great seers and esoteric teachers such as NostradamusEdgar CayceAlice Bailey and Delores Cannon, all of whom worked with the spirit world and foretold a time around the 2020s when our known world would undergo drastic changes; humanity would be faced with a choice of either resisting these changes or moving into a higher consciousness.

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The Golden Age is Coming

Vidya Frazier is an author and leading authority on the ascension shift into the fifth dimension and the coming of the Golden Age. Following several profound spiritual awakenings, she has dedicated her life to helping people understand what this shift into the fifth dimension means as a collective experience as well as an individual experience. Vidya’s latest book The Ascension Lightworker Guide: a handbook for weary souls is now available on Amazon. She lives in California and offers online mentoring and healing sessions. Please contact Vidya through her website to make an appointment. 

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Confused Messages About Covid Creates Anxiety

Dr Matt Welsh is an American clinical psychologist providing psychotherapy to war veterans experiencing PTSD, substance abuse, anxiety and depression at the Government funded Veterans Affairs hospital in Chicago. He also runs a private life coaching practice specialising in helping clients who are struggling with life transitions, and is the editor of Spiritual Media Blog, which publishes interviews and podcasts with authors who write about spirituality, psychology and inspirational entertainment. Matt is 38. He was born in Indianapolis and he and his wife now live and work in Chicago. 

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