Approaching the Final Frontier

I am delighted to be giving a presentation on How Love Rolls In at the End of Life during this wonderful on-line conference coming up on SATURDAY 16TH OCTOBER, exploring Death and Integrative Healthcare – Approaching the Final Frontier.

It is hosted by the Integrative Healthcare Forum, part of the National Centre for Integrative Medicine. 

 I do hope you can join us as it promises to be a fascinating day. Please pass this information on to anyone who might be interested.

And, don’t forget to listen to my Embracing Your Mortality podcast

Series three – packed full of fascinating conversations – will be going live in October. In the meantime, treat yourself to the first two podcast series with guests who are guaranteed to stretch your mind and soul. 

Loss and Grief workshop in September

This is to let you know of the Loss and Grief workshop coming up at the AMMERDOWN RETREAT CENTRE

Leader: Sue Brayne

Saturday, 11th Sep 2021 

Starts: 10am – Ends: 4pm

Cost: £50 includes morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea.

Day Course D1921

It’s been a tough time for so many of us over the past eighteen months, and this workshop is an opportunity to come together to talk about how grief and loss have impacted our lives.

Although grief and loss are part of the human conditions, many of us struggle to cope with the profound personal and spiritual crises that arise, the mental and emotional turmoil that we experience, or how our lives will never be the same again. 

This workshop provides a safe space for anyone who wants to explore grief and loss and to understand the profound lessons they can teach us. It will also explore how feelings and emotions can become trapped in the body and discover ways to gently release them. 

BOOK NOW through the Ammerdown Centre

or call 01761 433709

The Ammerdown Centre
Ammerdown Park,

Does Consciousness Continue After Death, or is it Light’s Out?

Johanna Lunn

Johanna Lunn is a award-winning Canadian documentary film maker who I met back in 2015 when she invited me to take part in her documentary film on death and dying. Since then, Johanna has developed what was going to be one documentary into a series of fascinating films under the umbrella title of When We Die. These films involve personal stories of near-death experiences, deathbed visions and more, to explore the question, ‘Does consciousness continue after death, or is it lights out?’ 

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The Original Word for ‘Doctor’ Means Teacher.

Dr Duncan Still

Duncan Still is a GP with a difference. He has a long-standing interest in holistic and integrative approaches to healthcare and is passionate about nutrition and the role of the natural world in gaining and maintaining optimum health. Duncan works as an integrative doctor at Penny Brohn UK, a charity which specialises in holistic support for people living with and beyond cancer. He also runs a two-year Diploma with The National Centre for Integrative Medicine (NCIM) for healthcare professionals and for complementary and alternative (CAM) practitioners to learn about the practice of Integrative Medicine as well as providing 1:1 appointments and other educational services.

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The importance of empowering children

Jacqui Gray

Jacqui Gray is the co-author of two wonderful books called My Magical Tree and My Magical Garden which help young children to understand and manage their feelings. She also set up which offers information, education and workshops for parents, carers and teachers to build communication and emotional skills in order to support child development. 

You can contact Jacqui on 07452835784 or email her at:

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We Know so Little About Nature

Toby Nowlan – photograph by John Aitchison

Toby Nowlan is an award-winning journalist, explorer and biologist who produces wildlife documentaries with Silverback Films based in Bristol. For the past four years he worked as an assistant producer on BBC1’s A Perfect Planet, a five-part series narrated by Sir David Attenborough. He is currently working on a film for Netflix, the content of which needs to be kept confidential at the moment. However, Toby is prepared to say that it involves travelling around the world to explore natural history and wildlife, and ‘It’s the same sort of family as A Perfect Planet but it has a new direction which is really exciting.’

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Women Need to Wake up and Realise Their Power

Dion Johnston The Womanologist

The Womanologist Dion Johnston is Bristolian by birth, born to Jamaican immigrants. She says she feels very fortunate to have this mixed heritage. Dion was also born with a facial disfigurement and went through a host of operations during her early childhood to try and ‘make her look normal’. It has been a long and challenging journey to allow herself to be truly seen, and throughout her career, first as a midwife and then as a performance coach, she has always been called to work and support women in leadership roles.  

You can contact Dion through LinkedIn

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New Podcast: Qigong and well-being

Clara Apollo

]oin me in conversation with  Clara Apollo who describes herself as a life-long curious scholar – she has been searching for answers about life and mortality since experiencing a profound awakening as a child. During her search for her own truth, she has been a ballet dancer, nurse, nanny, singer and performer and costume designer for stage and screen. She is now a Qigong teacher and host of Chi Time TV, where she interviews many prominent spiritual thinkers and teachers.

A note from Sue: Thank you for visiting this page. You may be interested in my Granny Mo children’s books, which help adults to talk with children about death and dying, and my books for adults on death and dying may help as well. You can also listen to a host of fascinating guests on my Embracing Your Mortality podcast and enjoy reading their interviews on my blog.

We hide around three quarters of ourselves through fear of being exposed.

Jamie Catto

Jamie Catto is the founder member of Faithless, the highly successful world music band. Jamie is also a life-challenging personal coach and business coach who believes everyone one of us is ‘a wise guru in charge of a mental patient.’ His workshops are designed to shake up our life and confront the perceptions of who we think we are. One participant describes him as a ‘foul-mouthed, passionate, present, witty, musical wizard!’

You can find out more about Jamie Catto through his website

You can also listen to Jamie Catto on my Embracing Your Mortality podcast, on Friday 2nd April

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